A massage, facial, or manicure aren’t just luxuries at The Spa in Sun Prairie, they are necessities for a healthy life, according to owner Autumn Burns.

The Spa, tucked away at 804 Liberty Boulevard in Suite 103, is a retreat to renew and rejuvenate body and soul with a full line of services using organic products.

“Self-care and wellness is huge right now and it’s really important for your quality of life,” Burns said.

Burns, a hair stylist, spa/salon manager and entrepreneur, bought The Spa in April from longtime owner Kim Uselman, who ran the business for a decade and still works there.

With The Spa’s motto “Live Your Life,” Burns is concentrating on a holistic approach to beauty and health. Clients, who voted the business best Sun Prairie spa in 2019, come for relaxation, and body/skin concerns.

Burns is transitioning the business to an environmentally friendly, organic spa, that specializes in peels, dermaplaning, photo rejuvenation light repair, organic massage, body scrubs and slimming wraps. There’s also airbrush spray tanning, waxing and low-odor and no-odor nails services.

The spa’s signature warm bamboo massage helps reduce tension, stress and stimulates blood flow and lymph system. There’s also Swedish, therapeutic/sports and hot stone massages, and reiki treatment sessions that release stress and promote wellness.

Massage clients range from those who want to relax to serious athletes recovering from sporting events.

Burns says caring for yourself with regular massages, makes you better equipped to help others.

“You can’t be in pain and be a caregiver to other people,” Burns added.

Burns said she’s benefited from using an organic skin care regimen, and recommends services that work naturally to help repair and rejuvenate the skin. Dermaplaning exfoliates the top layers of the skin, allowing products to penetrate deeper.

“Your skin looks like a little kid’s skin, it’s so plump and fresh,” said Burns, emphasizing the “facials before filler” natural skincare approach.

The Spa also features space-age technology. Photo-rejuvenation LED light therapy was developed by NASA as part of plant growth experiment on shuttle missions. But back-on-earth, the beauty industry found it reduces inflammation, promotes wound recovery, and treats acne.

Clients with skin care problems, arthritis and pain management, have all benefitted from the service, according to Burns.

The Eminence Organics skincare line, popular with celebrities, is featured at The Spa. Burns said the ingredients are all natural and are more effective than synthetic brands.

“A little dot goes a long way,” Burns said. “That’s what surprised me at first, that organic products are higher performing that the big name beauty product lines.”

Burns, who is in the process of getting The Spa a certified green rating, was studying environmental education in college when she discovered her passion.

“I was doing everyone’s hair in the dorm rooms so I left school to pursue a career in the luxury spa/salon industry,” said Burns.

Burns, who founded Autumn Organics, said her motivation for buying The Spa was to offer organic-based products and services that are hard to find in the Madison and Sun Prairie area.

“I looked around and had a hard time finding an organic spa that I was comfortable in going to,” she said. “So I wanted to create my own and share that with others.”

Taking over the established business and growing it is Burns’ goal. As she celebrates more 17 years in the luxury salon/spa business, the thing that keeps her motivated every day are the smiles she gets from her clients.

“When they say thank you,” Burns said, “that makes it all worth it.”

The Spa is located at 804 Liberty Boulevard, Suite 103, in Sun Prairie; for more information, call 608-825-4772.

Get more info at thespa-sunprairie.com or on Facebook

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