Acting on a recommendation from city planning staff, the Sun Prairie Plan Commission recommended city council approval of a 142-unit senior care facility on the city’s far west side.

Community Development Director Scott Kugler said Ryan Companies US, Inc., is requesting approval of a Precise Implementation Plan (PIP) to allow the construction of a 142-unit senior housing facility on property located at the northwest corner of West Main Street and North City Station Drive (275 and 291 N. City Station Drive).

The facility will provide a continuum of care and contain a total of 116 independent living and assisted living units, and 26 memory care units.The proposed building is four stories in height with underground parking under a portion of the building. The development also includes a surface parking lot, a drop-off entrance canopy, and an outdoor courtyard at the rear of the building.

Earlier this year, the commission approved a general development plan (GDP) for the senior care facility, which is referred to in city planning documents as Talamore of Sun Prairie.

“Our market study really supports there is a need for this in the community,” remarked Jim Gooley, a representative for Ryan Companies U.S. Inc., the developer of the facility that has also constructed similar facilities throughout the U.S.

Kugler also said the developer worked with city staff to include emergency vehicle access driveways around the proposed facility. Kugler said the applicant has agreed to work with the city to locate a bus stop at the facility. Talamore of Sun Prairie will be located close to shopping with a proposed Hy-Vee pharmacy and combination convenience store-gas station-pharmacy across West Main Street and other service and shops available at Grand on Main and in nearby Shoppes at Prairie Lakes.

Commissioners unanimously recommended approval of the proposed development.

Pizza Ranch addition backed

Acting on a recommendation from city planning staff, alders recommended city council approval of a 2,100 sq. ft. addition to Pizza Ranch, 682 S. Grand Ave.

The addition, located along the west side of the building, is an amendment to an existing precise implementation plan (PIP). If approved by the council, the addition will house an additional 68 seats along with an indoor play area – to be available only to patrons of the restaurant.

The hours of operation for the restaurant — 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week – would remain as they currently are. The building architecture would fit seamlessly into the existing building, incorporating the same building materials and design, according to City Planning Director Tim Semmann’s staff report.

The building expansion will result in the reconfiguration of the parking lot along the west side of the site, making the westerly drive-aisle one way with angled parking.

“The primary issue that may be of some concern associated with this submittal is parking,” Semmann write in his report to the commission.

That’s because the building expansion, along with the reconfiguration of the western most drive aisle, will result in the loss of 13 parking stalls.

The site will consist of the minimum number of stalls needed — 96 spaces — for the total number of patron seats provided, including the expansion area. Semmann said it is possible for the area identified as the play area or ‘fun zone’ to be converted to additional patron seating at some point in the future; however, that could result in excess parking demand relative to the number of on-site stalls provided.

Semmann recommended limiting the facility seating to that shown on the submitted site plan until such time that the operator can demonstrate they have secured additional parking in a suitable location through a shared parking agreement or similar arrangement.

Mayor Paul Esser asked what would happen if, in the distant future, any attempt was made to convert the Fun Zone space. Semmann said a review would occur by the City Building Inspection Division, which would trigger a review of the PIP.

Mike’s Auto Repair CUP recommended

Acting on a city planning staff recommendation, the commission voted to approve a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to allow for Permanent Outdoor Display and Sales (used autos) at Mike’s Automotive Repair as an Accessory Use at 440 Linnerud Drive.

City Planner Phil Gritzmacher Jr. wrote in his report that Mike’s currently operates solely as an automotive repair facility servicing cars and light trucks. According to Gritzmacher, Mike’s frequently has opportunities to purchase disabled vehicles that customers choose not to repair.

Because of those opportunities, the business would like the ability to make the repairs and subsequently sell them to customers in need of a new vehicle.

The applicant has indicated that vehicle repairs would remain their primary business, with a maximum of three vehicles being offered for sale at any given time.

The applicant has identified as sales area consisting of three stalls.

Although the accessory use would be located in an area compatible with and well suited for the use, Gritzmacher pointed out similar uses exist within the corridor and staff anticipates that the proposed use would have minimal negative impacts with adjacent properties.

However, Gritzmacher pointed out the site is currently out of compliance with the zoning code regarding overall paving and should be brought into compliance as a condition of approval of any new conditional uses.

The site currently has minimal landscaping. Because the site is zoned Urban Industrial, the modest landscaping requirements should be met at the front of the building.

After no appearances at the public hearing, the commission voted unanimously to recommend council approval of the request.

Coming in November: Ashley Field

Semmann said the Sun Prairie Area School District has submitted a general development plan (GDP) and a PIP for the new Ashley Field, which is scheduled to be considered as part of the commission’s Nov. 12 agenda.

Representatives of Bray Architects, who are representing SPASD with the city for the project, have said the district’s intent is to begin demolition after the final football game. Construction is scheduled to begin soon after the completion of the demolition, with completion anticipated in time for the first games of the fall sports season. The artificial turf field will be striped for football, lacrosse and soccer.

School district officials are planning a brief groundbreaking ceremony on Friday, Oct. 18 following the final home game of the season at Ashley Field, roughly 9:45 p.m. or after the game ends. The district plans to remember the field’s history at the same time it celebrates the new design of the facility.

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