A 17-year-old Sun Prairie High School student is accused of sexually assaulting a teammate during an August sleepover.

Ryan J. Fulton is charged with second-degree sexual assault, sexual exploitation of a child through filming and misdemeanor battery.

Fulton, who is being charged as an adult, is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in Dane County Circuit Court on Oct. 15.

A male juvenile told Dane County Sheriff’s deputies that he was sleeping over at a friend’s house in the Town of Bristol on Aug. 24 and that he, Fulton and two 16-year-old males were playing video games.

The juvenile said he left to go to the bathroom and when he came back the three “were all waiting for him” as Fulton and one of the other teens tackled him down on an air mattress. The male reported that Fulton did a “Takashi” maneuver on him— pushing four fingers into his rectum while one of the other teens videotaped it and posted it on Snapchat.

The juvenile told a Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center forensic interviewer that he felt a lot of pain during the incident like he was being stabbed. He said he had to fight to get Fulton and one of the teens off him during the incident. The juvenile reported that Fulton had him in a chokehold and that he couldn’t breathe.

He told investigators that he was scared that they were going to do it again because Fulton said: “are you ready to be jumped again?”

The juvenile said he thought the parents in the house he was staying at would come up because he was yelling but that no one did and he didn’t know what to do.

He said wanted to call his parents but one of the teens took his phone.

The juvenile told authorities that he later texted his mom when he got his phone back but didn’t know how to tell her what happened. The Dane County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the Town of Bristol residence on Sunday morning.

Fulton told sheriff’s deputies that he had physical contact with the juvenile and understood what he did was wrong, according to the criminal complaint.

The juvenile reported to authorities that he was in pain days after the assault.

The juvenile told investigators that the “Takashi” move was going on last school year and that males were going after each other but that was not like what happened to him. The teen told investigators that the football coach put an end to “Takashi” last year and it has not been a problem at school since, according to the criminal complaint.

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