Following the wishes of the victim’s father, a Dane County judge Monday sentenced a Marshall woman to 10 months in jail for helping to hide a body, and also ordered two week-long jail stays to coincide with the victim’s date of birthday and death.

Meichelle Goss, 52, was sentenced in Dane County Circuit Court by Judge Jill Karofsky for hiding the corpse of 21-year-old Jesse Faber of Sun Prairie.

Daniel Faber, Jesse’s father, requested the jail term during Goss’ sentencing.

In December Goss entered a plea of guilty to the felony charge of hiding a corpse. She was charged in January of 2018 following the shooting death of Jesse Faber.

Jesse Faber was reported missing in the Town of Medina by his father on Jan. 16, 2018. Following an extensive search through fields and the surrounding area, with below freezing temperatures, Jesse Faber’s body was discovered wrapped in plastic in a storage locker in Rio 30 miles away.

Goss’ boyfriend at the time, Daniel Lieske, 60, was found guilty of first-degree intentional homicide by a jury trial in January. He is set for sentencing on April 19. He faces a mandatory life sentence for the conviction.

Jesse Faber was shot and killed sometime following a party at Lieske’s residence on Box Elder Road in the Town of Medina on Jan. 16, 2018. Jesse Faber was shot after Lieske broke up a party on the property involving the young man, Goss’ son and other young people.

Goss said that her son had asked her and Lieske to break up the party. Goss said she drove her son and some of his friends into the Village of Marshall, but that Faber stayed at the residence. When she got home, she went to tell Lieske she had returned and found Lieske and Jesse Faber in a room together. She left the room and when she returned, after hearing gunshots, she found Faber on the floor bleeding. She left the room again and Lieske came to her later and said Jesse Faber was dead.

Goss told police she then heard Lieske wrap up the body and followed him as Lieske took the body to a shed on Missouri Road. According to the criminal complaint, Goss told police that Lieske moved the body to a rented storage unit in Rio the next day.

Along with Daniel Faber, his mother, grandmother and an aunt told the judge how Jesse Faber was a hard worker, a fun person. Many of the victims’ family and friends in the gallery wore T-shirts that read “Justice for Jesse” and “Live today like there is no tomorrow.”

The family members described Jesse Faber as a person who loved to hunt and fish. Friends had told them Jesse was the life of the party. He was always willing to lend a hand, his father said.

Daniel Faber requested the judge sentence Goss to serve one week in jail during Jesse’s birthday, which was July 22, and one week during the day he was killed, with no visitors.

The relatives pointed out how Goss could have helped Jesse, but walked away. They also noted Goss lied to law enforcement when family and friends were searching for the young man.

Goss’ attorney, Scott Wales, said Lieske was controlling, providing her a place to live and providing her money from a non-profit foundation they both worked for.

Goss cried through a brief statement she made in court to the Faber family. She said she can’t imagine the horror and heartbreak the family and friends experience every day.

Goss told the court she accepts full responsibility for her actions and doesn’t expect anyone to forgive her. Karofsky said she originally intended to sentence the defendant to two to three years in prison, but agreed to the father’s request. “I heard you and felt what you said,” the judge told Daniel Faber.

“I don’t understand how things went from okay to horrible in such a short period of time,” Karofsky told the courtroom.

Although Goss initially lied to police, she did tell the truth later and her testimony helped convict Lieske, Karofsky said. The judge said she cannot figure out if the defendant was a victim of domestic abuse. Karofsky followed the recommendation of Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne. She imposed and stayed a six-year prison sentence, with six years extended supervision. She sentenced Goss to six years probation with the conditions she serve 10 months and the two weeks each year for the next five years.

Goss was also ordered to undergo drug treatment, psychiatric/psychological evaluation as deemed appropriate by agent, have no contact with Lieske or the Faber family, and pay restitution as ordered.

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