ROSCO donates to SPASD School Nutrition Fund

Royal Oaks School Community Organization (ROSCO) President Diana McFarland and ROSCO Treasurer Amanda Dean (holding check with SPASD Director of School Nutrition Kathy Walker) presented a check to the Sun Prairie School Board and SPASD administrative team for $1,750. The money, presented during the June 10, 2019 Sun Prairie School Board meeting at the district office, will be used to reduce the district’s school lunch account deficit.

More than $2 million in salary increases are being budgeted for staffers as part of the 2019-20 Sun Prairie Area School District budget, according to SPASD Director of Business and Finance Phil Frei.

Providing an update to the Sun Prairie School Board during its June 10 meeting, Frei reviewed what he referred to as “2019-20 major non-fixed budget inputs” as part of a review of items for the upcoming budget.

Frei said the 2019-20 budget includes the following wage increases:

Administrative — The current budget includes a 2.44% Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) increase. The estimated salary increase is $96,000. Also, a budget has been established to get administrators who are below the Dane County average to the average over the next three years (a total of $67,000).

Professional Educators — All educators will be receiving a COLA (Cost-of-Living Adjustment) increase of $960 or 2.44% of the current base. In addition, educators who completed 24 hours of professional development will earn a $550 salary increase. Also, as part of the $5 million exceed-the-revenue-cap referendum, teachers below the Dane County average teacher pay will receive extra compensation. The estimated salary increase is $1.7 million.

Support Staff — All support staff will receive either a step increase or a 2.44% COLA increase, whichever is greater. The estimated salary increase is $350,000.

Hourly Administrative Support staffers will either receive a step increase or 2.44%, whichever is more.

Salaried Administrative Support staffers will receive a 2.44% increase. The total increase for administrative support is estimated to be $85,687.

Relating to benefits, Frei said he anticipates that due to a successful bid in 2018, the HMO health insurance premium will stay the same for 2020. Employees can choose either the HMO or Point of Service (POS) plan. Employees will pay the difference if they choose the POS plan.

Frei said that even though he does not know the Dental Insurance rates yet, he is projecting a one percent increase ($13,000) on January 1, 2020.

Frei said he will know more about what type of an increase the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) is projecting on July 1, but that he is budgeting for a zero percent increase.

The 2019-20 budget includes the following new staff, based on current enrollment growth and/or budget initiatives: 19.1 professional educators, 2 new support staff, 3 administrators and 2.8 full time equivalent (FTE) special ed teachers financed by transfer of service dollars. Frei also said the CH Bird Community School staff will become full time and paid from Fund 80.

More details on staffing will occur on July 8 at the first draft of budget Sun Prairie School Board presentation, according to Frei.

ROSCO gives $1,750 to School Nutrition

Diana McFarland, president of Royal Oaks SCO (ROSCO) and treasurer Amanda Dean presented a check for $1,750 to the SPASD School Nutrition Program to reduce the school lunch fund deficit. The board posed for a photo with the giant check and accepted the donation.

“Thank you again Royal Oaks!” Sun Prairie School Board President Steve Schroeder said.

Handbooks approved

The board approved 2019-20 handbooks for all levels of programs, from its 4-year-old kindergarten program to high school, as well as high school extracurricular activities.

Hardscape projects OK’d

Acting on a recommendation from SPASD Director of Facilities and Grounds Kevin Sukow, the board approved bids totaling $548,070 for hardscape projects at C.H. Bird and Royal Oaks elementary schools as well as Prairie View Middle School.

Sukow said the projects, consisting of mostly pavement/concrete work and installation of retaining walls, will be paid for from 2016 referendum dollars and come from the district’s Fund 49.

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