Sunshine Supper

Sun Prairie EMS, along with police and fire department personnel, worked at Sunshine Supper to serve meals to those seeking a nutritious meal and fellowship at the Sunshine Supper space at 1632 W. Main St. The supper is among many community activities and events that Sun Prairie EMS participates in each year.

In 1974, President Gerald Ford authorized EMS Week to celebrate Emergency Medical Services practitioners and the important work they do in our nation’s communities. Sun Prairie Emergency Medical Services is proud to join its colleagues, partners, and the community in celebration of the 45th Annual National EMS Week from May 19-25, 2019.

The Paramedic profession is positioned at the intersection of health care, public health, and public safety, and a paramedic is cross-trained in each of these areas.

More than a vocation, a paramedic is a highly trained and skilled medical professional who is educated and trained to carry out some of the duties of a physician.

A paramedic’s role goes far beyond responding to emergencies and delivering medical care. Being a paramedic includes being knowledgeable in disaster planning, response readiness, scene management, and emergency vehicle operations. The modern Paramedic’s role also includes:

Healer — A paramedic is a person who supports another during illness. In old English, “Haelan” means to make whole, sound, and well. The paramedic, as a healer, supports the patient, both physically and spiritually, through an illness or injury by showing compassion and providing comfort measures.

Researcher — Many years ago, pre-hospital medical care was guided by practices found to be successful in the hospital, or through anecdotal experience.

Today, paramedics rely on an evidence-based approach to the practice of pre-hospital medicine. Paramedics participate in scientific research and use data to drive strategies and techniques of EMS.

Teacher — Paramedics are health educators. In an effort to reduce injury and illness in their communities, paramedics have embraced public education. These opportunities to educate the public sometimes occur during an emergency call, on a one-to-one basis, or in formal public education programs.

Although Sun Prairie EMS is always grateful and appreciative of the work that paramedics do, the department would like to pay special recognition to the paramedics of Sun Prairie EMS during National EMS Week 2019.

Sun Prairie EMS is very fortunate to have such a skilled group of professionals in the community. Please take a moment to remember the paramedics throughout this week.

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