The City of Sun Prairie has three contested race for city council seats. The election is April 7, 2020.

District 2

Candidate name: Brent Eisberner

Address: 1353 Circle Drive, Sun Prairie, WI 53590

Contact : (888) 367 – 8198,

Candidate social media, websites:

Facebook: Brent Eisberner for District 2 at

Law Firm Bio:

Occupation, previous elected official experience: Attorney

Please tell us about yourself and why you are qualified to serve on the Sun Prairie City Council:

As a Marine Officer, I learned to be a good steward of taxpayer money. Our budget was limited, and our responsibilities were expanding. Every dollar spent needed to be spent on something truly needed. While deployed to Haiti and Afghanistan, one of my collateral duties was to serve as a contracting officer. I am experienced in negotiating and securing contracts for large and small scale infrastructure projects. I am also not afraid to say “no” if there is a desire to frivolously spend taxpayer money.

As a small business owner, I understand the need to create and stick to a budget. Unnecessary spending, no matter how small it may seem, is money wasted. Overspending, often through single-bid contracts, is money wasted. I will not be afraid to voice my opinion if I believe there is a better, more effective, way to accomplish a task and eliminate wasted money.

As an attorney, I have experience with many other city governments—often through lawsuits resulting from decisions by the city leaders. I can bring a unique perspective to not only potential legal ramifications, but I am also very well versed in the formalities required to legally enact a decision.

Please list one key message of your campaign:

Affordable housing and increased public safety can be achieved through fiscal responsibility. Better stewards of taxpayer money are desperately needed on the City Council.

District 2 Candidate name (Incumbent): Theresa Stevens

Address: 819 North Street

Contact: 608-886-0718

Candidate social media, websites:

Occupation, previous elected official experience:

District 2 Alder since 2018, Development Specialist at the University of Wisconsin Foundation & Alumni Association

Please tell us about yourself and why you are qualified to serve on the Sun Prairie City Council:

I have served as a District 2 Alder since 2018 and have been able to connect with the community in many different capacities. This position allows me an amazing opportunity to improve our community and represent great people who give countless hours to pursue the same goal. Since April 2018, I have developed great working relationships with our city staff, council members and other elected officials to effect positive changes. I really enjoy the work as an Alder; no two days are the same, it’s challenging at times, and rewarding to see connections and projects come together. Many initiatives, plans, and studies have been completed during my term and I am excited to continue with their implementation if elected for another term. In the next two years, if elected, I will continue to improve our city services, city parks, and encourage economic development. Many projects and initiatives are mid-process, and I want to help the city implement the various plans by identifying alternative funding options beyond the general tax levy.

Please list one key message of your campaign: Sun Prairie needs a collaborative city council to face challenges directly and intelligently and I am excited to work to this end.

District 3

Candidate name: Hugh Cha

Address: 2735 Hazelnut Trail, Sun Prairie,

Contact: 608-358-7998

Candidate social media, websites:

Occupation, previous elected official experience: IT Technician at American Family Insurance

Please tell us about yourself and why you are qualified to serve on the Sun Prairie City Council: My name is Hugh Cha and I was born in Denver, CO. My parents immigrated from Laos during the Secret War against communism. My father later moved us to Wisconsin to farm ginseng with him so I value hard work. My father raised us on the American Dream and I still hold those beliefs to heart as one should always be rooted in patriotism.

I am new to politics and because of that there’s a mystery surrounding my views. What I can say is I believe in educating our children and keeping everyone safe. I also believe in the local economy so it’s been exciting to see the new businesses in my district and new jobs. I can’t leave out clean water/energy.

It is unorthodox that someone with my background is getting into local politics but a core qualification is helping people live a better life in their communities or establishment’s and that’s what I am known for beyond my IT technical skills. I believe positive relationships are built with everyone, not just through specific groups who support a similar interest and my intent is to pull the community together and be a conduit for them and city hall.

Please list one key message of your campaign: Honesty, integrity and compassion.I stand for all, I have no bias, no impartial views, and my role is simply to represent all constituents.

District 3

Candidate Name (incumbent): Maureen Crombie

Address: 1309 Brown Bear Way

Contact: 608-576-5819

Candidate social media, websites: facebook at Crombie for City Council District 3

Occupation, previous elected official experience: Service Coordinator, Colonial View Apartments, District 3 Alderwoman since April, 2016.

Please tell us about yourself and why you are qualified to serve on the Sun Prairie City Council: I grew up on a dairy farm in Columbus, Wisconsin. My parents taught me life lessons and values that I bring to the table with me today such as personal responsibility, work ethic, loyalty and character. I have degrees in Psychology and Education with a concentration in Marketing. I have lived in Sun Prairie for 27 years. My children attended school in Sun Prairie and I have always been involved in making a difference in our community. I have been honored to serve in District 3 for the last two terms. My experience in Human Relations, Event Planning, Training and finding resources have helped me to develop proven leadership and integrity.

I currently serve as Chair of the Public Safety Committee, Planning Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission, and the Youth and Family Commission. I have also been appointed by the Cities and Villages of Dane County to serve on the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission(CARPC) and I serve on the Executive Committee of CARPC. In addition, I am active in the Sun Prairie Optimist Club both at the District and International level, Sunshine Supper Committee, Community Schools — Westside Leadership team and I volunteer for Junior Achievement at Creekside Elementary.

One key message of my campaign: We need to continue to protect our quality of life in our neighborhoods and ensure Public Safety have the resources they need.

District 4

District 4 Candidate name (incumbent): Mary Polenske

Address: 1809 Chadsworth Drive, Sun Prairie

Contact: Home Phone: 837-8450 Cell Phone: 512-9115 email:

Occupation: Retired, Former Director of SP EMS

District 4 Alderwoman 2010 to present

Please tell us about yourself and why you are qualified to serve on the Sun Prairie City Council:

I have a long history with the city of Sun Prairie starting as a volunteer EMT in 1977. In 1993, I was hired as the Director of EMS to manage the volunteer department and transition it to a full-time paramedic level of service. I retired in 2008.

In 2010, I successfully ran for District 4 Alderwoman and have remained in that roll for the past almost 10 years. I have served three terms as Council President and chaired or served on most all committees. However, serving the concerns and needs of district 4 residence remains my top priority, along with supporting conservative budget control.

As the appointed council representative to the Business Improvement District Board, I have worked to support Sun Prairie Businesses, encouraging growth in the Downtown Sun Prairie area. I have had many opportunities to volunteer during special events. My past involvement with development and expansion in District 4, Prairie Lakes has been a great success.

The residence of District 4 can expect my continued support and quick response to their concerns. “I find myself energized and motivated by the positive growth in our great city and look forward to another two years representing the District 4 residence”.

Please list one key message of your campaign :

I am seeking my sixth term. I will continue to address concerns such as public safety and city infrastructure while using prudent control of the city tax dollars.

District 4 Candidate name:

David A. Virgell


366 N. Westmount Dr., Sun Prairie WI 53590



Candidate social media, websites:

@ dvirge.carman

Occupation, previous elected official experience:

Customer Relations Manager at East Madison Toyota.

Please tell us about yourself and why you are qualified to serve on the Sun Prairie City Council:

I am David Virgell just a regular guy, originally from Baltimore MD, who has made Sun Prairie my home. This is also where I have built my new life with my lovely wife Kasia. I work at East Madison Toyota where I am a Customer Relations Manager. I believe the desire and passion I bring to my current position qualifies me to work for the Sun Prairie City Council.

My hands-on approach to resolving both customer and employee issues is what I believe earned me employee of the year for 2019. I love the city of Sun Prairie and the increase in taxes and crime has me concerned for my family and community. Change is necessary in growth and I am hoping to be a part of that growth and success!

Please list one key message of your campaign :

Our best defense against increased crime is a strong community. Lower taxes will encourage homeowners to stay and the right leadership will keep them involved.

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