Sun Prairie Cardinal

Curt the Cardinal is the current mascot for Sun Prairie High School.

During a discussion relating to determining new mascots for the Sun Prairie Area School District’s second high school as well as Cardinal Heights middle school, members of the Sun Prairie School Board voiced support for keeping the cardinal as the mascot for the existing Sun Prairie High School.

But the board left the door open for further discussions by the Naming Committee because no formal board motion or vote was taken. The board approved the charge to the Naming Committee on a unanimous vote.

Cardinal Heights currently shares the Cardinal mascot with the High School. With the changes to adding an additional middle school and an additional high school, the work of this committee will include:

· Reviewing the name of Cardinal Heights to:

• Remove the word “Upper”

• Consider a name change for the new 6-8th grade middle school

• Propose a new mascot.

· Reviewing the name of the current High School. The mascot of the current high school is the Cardinal. The cardinal is embedded throughout the design of the high school, and it has significant community history related to the identity to the community.

· Consider the name, logo, and mascot of the second high school.

The process will include three phases:

1. Set the direction and formalize the plan.

a. Following Board Policy, the School Board will direct district administration to convene a committee to assist with the process of naming the second high school and assigning mascots.

b. Formalize the Committee

c. Review the plan and timeline

d. Develop mechanism for gathering feedback (e.g.,survey)

e. Develop analysis and ranking system

2. Gather information and engage the community

a. What have other communities done?

b. Define community: Kids and families that will attend those schools?

c. Develop communication for engagement.

i. Survey with due date

ii. Reminder emails

iii. Last chance email

d. Gather the input

e. Analyze input against criteria

f. Rank (with student input) top options

g. Vote options

3. Decide, recommend/announce, and celebrate the name of the new school and mascot

a. Finalize top options

b. Develop presentation to Board of Education in October, 2019

c. Develop communication plan for new information.

d. Contact vendors to begin the development of new mascot, receive high definition version of mascot.

e. Rollout official colors.

f. Contact local clothing vendors to let them know about additions/updates.

g. A minimal cost will be associated with advertising the community engagement opportunities.

The board charged the Sun Prairie Naming/Logo/Mascot Committee to begin by following board policy for naming a school by engaging stakeholders and making a recommendation to the board for the name, logo, and mascot for the new high school, a name for the current high school, and a new name, mascot, and logo for Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School.

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