An 18-year-old man has pled guilty to bringing a stolen loaded semiautomatic handgun to the Sun Prairie High School last June.

Kiante K. Jackson, a Sun Prairie High School student, brought a semiautomatic handgun to the school on June 4 and reportedly pointed the gun at two students.

As part of a plea agreement, Jackson pled guilty last week to possession of a firearm on school grounds, carrying a concealed weapon, and obstructing an officer.

At the April 4 Dane County Circuit Court plea hearing, the court dismissed two felony charges—pointing a firearm at another person and felony intimidation of a victim.

Two other charges — possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18 and disorderly conduct-use of a dangerous weapon — were dismissed but read into the record for Judge Ellen Berz to consider in sentencing.

Jackson, then a 17-year-old, was confronted by Sun Prairie Police School Liaison Officer Jack Wilkinson around 11 a.m. after a SPHS staff member reported that Jackson might have a gun.

Wilkinson found Jackson in the hallway outside the school’s performing arts center.

Jackson ran from Wilkinson when he attempted to try to get a black computer bag off of Jackson’s shoulder.

Jackson ran out of the school and east into a neighborhood along Hawthorn Drive, according to the complaint, but was eventually arrested by SPPD officers who followed him and found 31 individual rounds of 9mm ammunition in the computer bag that he was carrying.

According to the criminal complaint, Jackson threw a Zastava M88 9mm pistol into a retention pond at the intersection of Hawthorn Drive and Sandstone Trail. Police later recovered the weapon.

During the investigation, two 16-year-old male SPHS students told police that they were hanging out at the school’s tennis courts during the morning on June 4 when Jackson came over and joined them. One of the teens said that Jackson pulled a black semiautomatic handgun from his pants pocket and pointed it at him.

Jackson then said that he was “only kidding” and showed the teens the gun. The other teen told police that he asked Jackson, “Bro, why you got that at school?”

Jackson told the student that he was going to sell the gun for $400, according to the criminal complaint.

The teens told police that Jackson threatened to kill them if they told anyone about the gun. The two teens reported that they went back into the school and Jackson went with them and brought the handgun into the school.

According to the criminal complaint, the handgun was stolen. Police also reportedly found a computer in the book bag. One of the teens told police that he had lent Jackson his Chromebook and computer book bag on June 1.

Judge Berz ordered a pre-sentencing investigation at the April 4 plea hearing.

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