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The first patio season the Sun Prairie Nitty Gritty will see since opening in November includes updates made to the patio area.

Jamie Fanone, General Manager and Partner said landscaping and lighting on the patio have been improved. On the northeast end of the patio new latticework has been installed and adorned with flowers to separate the space from a nearby parking lot. Ivy has been planted. New strings of hanging exposed Edison bulb lighting create a warm backyard-like feel in the evening.

Improvements have been made to make the space more functional. There is seating for approximately 75-80 people. In addition to round tables, several large picnic-style tables have been added. Three 55-inch TVs have been installed and are viewable throughout the patio. Weather permitting, an outdoor bar will also be in use. For the past couple of weeks the patio has been very popular due to weather.

When weather allows, the full-service patio will be open for seating at lunch and dinner. Smoking is not permitted on the large front patio. A smaller patio reserved for smokers is available on the opposite side of the building with access from the barroom.

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