Porktropolis food cart

Todd Dukes from Porktropolis and his food cart.

Three food carts will kick off Curbside Cuisine in Sun Prairie tonight June 25, 2015 from 5-7 p.m. in Orfan Park on the city’s west side.

Todd Dukes and Porktropolis will host the food carts in the parking lot of the park, which is located along St. Albert the Great Drive on the city's west side.

In addition to Porktropolis’ nine styles of barbecue sandwiches to choose from, Soho – featuring unique Asian entrees and dumplings as well as gourmet salads; and Slide, offering meat and veggie sliders and homemade chips, will offer cuisine at the inaugural event.

Curbside Cuisine culminates about a year of effort that Dukes first undertook in an effort to allow food trucks in the City of Sun Prairie, but City Economic Development Director Neil Stechschulte said it is much more – another dining option for busy families.

“I think that people who give these food vendors a try are going to enjoy this experience,” Stechschulte predicted. “They add value to the neighborhoods they serve, as well as the parks they will locate next to. I’m hopeful that they will provide service in areas where our employers and their employees who might otherwise have trouble getting out for lunch—like the Sun Prairie Business Park.”

The idea for food carts coming to Sun Prairie arose in late 2014, with the actual process taking about three to four months to revise existing city ordinances to allow them to arrive here. That may be a little longer than the city’s other business reviews, but there were other factors to take into consideration here.

“While this might seem like this maybe was longer than it should have taken, once you start considering things like the possibility of impacts to other restaurants, whether or not they should be allowed in residential areas, how such uses should interact with our park spaces, and what other existing ordinances and rules need to be followed, the city council felt it was important to amend the ordinance in such a way that would reduce the chance of there being any issues,” Stechschulte recalled. “In the end, I suspect it was worth the extra time to do it right.”

The city will evaluate the first year of cart operations, Stechschulte said, to determine whether or not tweaks need to be made in the ordinance.

“I applaud the city council’s willingness to try something new that will hopefully add a fun and new experience to the quality of life for the residents of Sun Prairie.”

One thing the city’s economic development director wants to determine immediately?

“One of the first things we’ll find out,” Stechschulte predicted, “is that the city is not likely to be overrun by food carts anytime soon.”

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Is there a schedule of carts/locations/times yet? I assume that they will not just show up to places randomly!

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