Elements Massage

Curtis and Heather Knox are ready to open Elements Massage in the Shoppes at Prairie Lakes on Saturday, May 10 but have already done a lot of work to prepare for the opening.

How can Sun Prairie sustain so many massage businesses? Heather and Curtis Knox aren’t worried about everyone else, because they say they have wellness behind their business set to open May 10 in the Shoppes at Prairie Lakes.

Elements Massage is headquartered in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, and owned by WellBiz Brands, Inc.

The parent company oversees Fitness Together Franchise Corporation, a one-on-one personal training fitness franchise that began franchising in 1996, and Elements Massage, a massage therapy franchise that began franchising in 2006. Today, the combined franchise network has sold hundreds of franchises across the United States, Brazil, Costa Rica, Israel, Ireland, and Canada. Elements Massage is actively selling franchises. Among those franchisees are the Knoxes, who are ready to compete with all of Sun Prairie’s other massage establishments.

“The hallmark of Elements Massage business is a truly customized experience,” Curtis Knox said. “It’s focusing strictly on therapeutic massage -- so we’re not doing facials . . . we’re focusing strictly on the health and wellness of the client through the healing power of touch and massage.”

When the client enters Elements, the focus is on the customer and where the pain is. “It’s not every person coming in the door and getting the same Swedish massage . . . it’s the customization, the individualized experience that each client receives that is what makes us unique,” Curtis Knox said.

All Elements Massage therapists are licensed and trained massage therapists. “There’s no aroma therapy -- no rain drop anything -- it’s all about the power of touch and making you feel better through that massage experience,” Curtis Knox said.

Although a typical Elements massage session last an hour, 90-minute and two hour sessions are also possible, Curtis Knox said.

The Knoxes live in the Door Creek subdivision and thought the Prairie Lakes location was ideal because of what’s already happening there and the proximity to Door Creek.

“We felt very strongly that bringing something local makes sense,” Curtis Knox said.

Heather’s recent triumph over breast cancer -- which took about a year and included chemotherapy and radiation treatments -- left both of them feeling the need to get into a business that helps people.

“She was helped quite a bit during that time by a friend of her’s who is a licensed massage therapist,” Curtis Knox said.

“The power of touch can be an amazing thing,” Heather Knox said. “To have a massage is the greatest stress relief because it makes the day melt away. All of a sudden, you’re happier and after just one session, you . . . have almost an optimism about you. It’s the endorphins. I can attest to its healing powers on a very personal level.”

That’s why the Knoxes both view massage not as a luxury, but as a necessity.

“It’s so much better for your overall wellness and health,” Curtis Knox said.

“That’s our challenge -- to bring the public around to seeing it not as . . . a luxury -- it is good for you,” Heather Knox said. “It’s for everyone -- it’s very healthful.”

The Knoxes are referring to The Elements Way, which views massage as follows:

• The belief in the healing power of massage;

• Active listening and responsiveness;

• Expert therapists with a singular focus on massage;

• A program of continuous improvement; and

• A holistic, personalized massage experience.

It is for the previously listed reasons that Elements believes it is better than other competitors in the marketplace.

Although Elements plans a May 10 opening, appointments will be accepted beginning May 1 -- including the pre-opening special, a 55-minute massage for $39.

“That’s a very reduced price, but only if you book before May 10th,” Heather Knox added.

The Knoxes also believe very strongly in being involved in the local community. Besides local running races, the Knoxes plan to have Elements involved in many local fun runs, mud runs and walking events to give massages to runners and lots of weekend athletes alike -- all to deliver the healing power of touch.

Elements Massage

2804 Prairie Lakes Drive, Suite 102

Phone: (608) 834-0214

Hours: Monday - Saturday, 9 AM - 9 PM; Sunday

10 AM - 7 PM

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