Discover Wisconsin producers recently announced that four new faces, and one face familiar with long-time viewers, will host the nation’s longest running tourism program, Discover Wisconsin.

This is the first time the show has introduced a multi-host format since 2003. Collin Geraghty, Mariah Haberman, Libby Amato and Eric Paulsen will debut on Discover Wisconsin for its 27th season, which premiered this month.

“We’ve outgrown ourselves time and again for nearly three decades, but the need to expand our team has become increasingly apparent in recent years,” said Chad Diedrick, managing producer for Discover Wisconsin. “The ‘Discover Team’ concept makes perfect sense and it all clicked when we saw the four of them together. Add to that the return of Stephanie Klett, and we have the perfect mix of hosts to showcase Wisconsin.”

Managing director Greg Smith also noted that Discover Wisconsin is covering more destinations and events in a single season than ever before. The show is set to cover more than 70 destinations in its 2014 season –up from 20 in 2009.

Geraghty and Haberman will serve as the show’s co-hosts, showcasing Wisconsin’s unique traditions, places, events and hidden gems each week. Amato and Paulsen have been tapped as field hosts and will appear in select episodes throughout the season.

The 2014 season will also mark the return of former host and current Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, Stephanie Klett, who will return to Discover Wisconsin to host three new episodes.

In addition to her hosting duties, Haberman also leads Discover Wisconsin’s marketing efforts including integrating the full Discover Team into its social media strategy – giving followers unique insight from all four hosts.

Fans can learn more about the Discover Team by visiting or following Discover Wisconsin on Facebook.

History of Discover Wisconsin

In 1986, Dick Rose created the idea of showcasing Wisconsin's many vacation spots on a television show dedicated to Wisconsin tourism. Discover Wisconsin Television was born in 1987, becoming the first public and private sector partnership under Governor Tommy Thompson's Administration.

Discover Wisconsin TV (DW-TV) reaches more than 480,000 viewers throughout the Midwest on a combination of network, cable and satellite stations. Additionally, through the advent of satellite broadcasting, DW-TV is regularly viewed on cable stations throughout the U.S.

Discover Wisconsin Radio was launched in 1993 as a companion to DW-TV and is broadcast statewide in Wisconsin and surrounding areas. Listeners tune in to DW-Radio on more than 40 stations throughout this region, Monday through Friday, 52 weeks per year.

As the nation’s longest running tourism program, Discover Wisconsin can be seen statewide on Fox Sports North(FSN) Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. For more on this and other episodes or the broadcast schedule in other areas please visit Connect with Discover Wisconsin on Facebook (, YouTube ( and Twitter (

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