Letters to the Editor

I totally agree with George Frank’s letter (“Read the plan, call your alder,” Reader Forum, July 9). Please don’t tell me to call my alders since they are Mary Polenske and Al Guyant. She is the sidewalk person who wants sidewalks on dead end streets.

The spending is so ridiculous it isn’t even funny. I have seen sidewalks go up and in well-established neighborhoods where children still play in the streets – they completely ignore the sidewalks.

I have seen trees planted on these same streets and our tax dollars having to take care of them. I am not even sure these trees will make it, because they are shaded by already established trees. These trees will most likely grow into the trees already there.

They waste our money. I would like them to think of it as coming from their pockets and then maybe the story would be different. I’m sure at their homes, they have to live by their incomes and have to put off getting things if they don’t have the money. But with our money, they just tell us we have to pay more.

The property taxes are getting out of this world. Mine for instance has gone up by $300 every year since Paul Esser became mayor. By the way, I didn’t vote for Paul Esser – I wrote another name in.

Now we are faced with another school. This is getting out of hand. We need more housing so we can fill the school they are building and then we can build another school.

We are not the School Capitol of the World.

I give it 20 years (which I will never see) and this town will become the slums. Just when are the city council people going to wake up and start doing what the people want, like their position in city government calls for? They were not elected to do their own bidding.

Elaine Jourdan

Sun Prairie

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