Letters to the Editor

You are a key element in all that we do to support our wonderful library. After much research and discussion by members of the community, it has been determined that we have outgrown our present library building and we really need to expand now.

While the Sun Prairie City Council is faced with making tough decisions with how our tax dollars are spent, you can make a difference by letting them know how important the library is to you and our community. Please consider supporting the following request.

The Sun Prairie Public Library Board has made a recommendation for an expansion. The recommendation has been presented and endorsed unanimously by elected officials. However, funding for the project has not been determined or appropriated. Elected officials may consider delaying the library’s expansion.

If it is decided to delay, the construction would not begin until 2026 and wouldn’t be complete until 2028. Nine years would be too long of a delay for our library that is already facing extreme space needs and facility issues.

The library needs our help! What you can do to advocate:

• Write to your alder and ask for their support to fund the library’s expansion. You can find your Alder’s contact information here: https://www.cityofsunprairie.com/378/City-Council

• Attend the Committee of the Whole Meeting on July 16 at 5:30 p.m. to show your support.

• Tell your friends and neighbors how they can also show their support.

To learn more about the goals of the expansion, visit the library’s website: https://www.sunprairiepubliclibrary.org/library-expansion

Thank you!

Sally Campbell


Friends of the Sun Prairie Library Board of Directors

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