Letters to the editor

We are sending this letter to let you know about a highly anticipated upcoming event, the 2nd Annual Sun Prairie Black Excellence Achievement Makers (BEAM) Awards.

Last year this program honored about 100 students and adults in the community and over 350 people were in attendance. We thank you if you were able to join us at the inaugural event in 2019.

We often hear about negative behaviors or attitudes being assigned to our Black students in Sun Prairie so the effort of this event is to challenge the narrative by “shining a beaming light” on the positive examples of Black excellence and achievement in our community.

We believe it is imperative that this event is celebrated as a part of the greater community that is Sun Prairie. This event invites the community as a whole to embrace our children of color, specifically our Black children. We are asking you to be a part of the telling of this story, one filled with the positive truths of our racially diverse community.

Students are being nominated by their teachers based on the following four categories: Models Excellence in Academics, Models Excellence in Teamwork, Models Excellence in Responsibility and Extraordinary Growth.

We respectfully ask you to clear your calendars so you may shine your light as our community leaders and attend this event to celebrate with us. The 2nd annual BEAM Awards ceremony is set for Sunday April 19 starting at 1:30 p.m. at the Sun Prairie Performing Arts Center, located inside Sun Prairie High School, 888 Grove St., in Sun Prairie. 

BEAM Awards Committee members

Janice Chestnut, Tracy Frank,

Teran Peterson, Marilyn Ruffin (founder),

Amy Schernecker, and Krista Smedema

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