Letters to the editor

Regarding the upcoming Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change. It is the issue of our time. The conference is critically important and a statement opposing the deployment of F-35’s by the task force would be wholly appropriate.

With respect to climate change, the elephant in the room is the military industrial complex. The single largest user of carbon based fuels, on the planet, is the US military, half of that by military aircraft. Any meaningful lessening of global warming requires changing the big corporate, big military economy as epitomized by the F-35.

Everybody knows Wisconsin is not the state it used to be. Forward no longer describes our approach to the environment, education and a host of other issues. Progressive thinking has withered but the roots run deep.

Opposing the F-35s in support of climate action will water those roots. Social and economic conditions in the United States, now, are remarkably similar to those of 90 years ago prior to the New Deal. The New Deal was not a panacea but history has judged it a success. The Green New Deal offers the same hope and progressive action can make it happen.

Opposing the F-35 is vital to fighting climate change. In no way, however, am I down playing the adverse health effects of noise and ground water pollution, minority discrimination, property devaluation and other bad consequences these aircraft will bring to Madison’s east and north sides. They are very real and should not happen.

The issue is not just NIMBY. The F-35 is ill contrived and corrosive for everyone. A strong statement opposing these aircraft is a strong statement in support of climate action.

Steve Abitz


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