Letters to the editor

Enough! More apartments, grocery stores, retail and more apartments. Just who in Sun Prairie is asking or craving for more of this? Slowing down isn’t a dirty word.

Listen, rebuilding the intersection of Main and Bristol Streets is a given but to take advantage of a tragic accident and to expand down to the old High School with new construction is disgraceful.

What’s worse, is when they sent out the initial surveys asking for public input. They showed designs and options of this desired new construction without contacting the business and landowners occupying that space presently ahead of time.

That right there folks is our Mayor and City Council at work. They don't listen nor do they care about anything besides their grand master plan for our city. Pure arrogance, plain and simple. Disagree and they rebut by claiming that you’re misinformed and don't know what you're talking about.

“Fastest Growing City in the State." Who asked for this? Developers, Dane County Realtors? In doing so, not only are taxes increasing but we’re losing the sense of community which in essence, is the core of Sun Prairie.

Who’s steering this runaway train anyways, City Planners, Engineers, Developers or the Mayor and City Council?

Now that we're off the tracks, they want to administer a Housing Study. Really, now? How many apartments have gone up or have you just green lit? Now you want to run a study.

Let me save you the cost of that study by using one word: Retail. New retail locations seem to be popping up every week. Where are the higher paying jobs? Recently there has been a little improvement but that’s just a scratch on the surface.

As most folks know, retail notoriously doesn’t pay well. Most folks and couples are working multiple jobs each just to make ends meet. Instead of thinking about creating a slush fund for future low-income housing developments, how about concentrating on bringing better paying jobs to the city.

Do people feel safer in Sun Prairie since the recent boom in population? Have they seen any benefits for them and their families?

As sad as it sounds, how’s traffic treating you? We don’t want to be Madison, we want to be and remain Sun Prairie. We don’t want overcrowded schools, retail saturation and an over-abundance of new apartments and low-income housing.

Cherry picking survey results and lack of self-control is never a wise policy when governing.

Slowing down isn’t a bad thing. It’s a chance to exhale and listen to the folks who currently live in Sun Prairie, not developers.

Rob McCarthy

Sun Prairie

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