Letters to the editor

The current 2020 budget for the city shows little regard by the city council and the school board for the citizens and homeowners of Sun Prairie.

The proposed babysitting services for City Council boards, commission and committee meetings asks all citizens to pay for babysitting services that should be the responsibility of parents. This is in addition to the special assessments we are being to asked to pay for. The School Board's budget includes a new football stadium -- another unnecessary expense, because the old stadium is adequate.

I oppose any athletic programs and expenses for any sports facilities and coaches should be paid for by the boosters . . . sports are not a part of any school curriculum I'm familiar with and should not be part of the school budget.

We already paid two million for a pool in the school when the pool at the YMCA is available for their use. Baseball fields are available at the city parks and can be used by the school teams, just as a soccer field is available for use.

As a homeowner I am opposed to having to pay for facilities that are not essential for education. I would remind all home owners that the extra millions for these are paid for our property taxes and the non homeowners that vote for those extras do not pay as much an increase in their rent as homeowners do. I would also propose that those over 65 be exempt from that portion of the increase in property taxes for schools that go to paying for any sports programs.

I would also remind homeowners that the city basically has an open checkbook since the mill rate for property taxes is set after the city budget is proposed a few weeks before the property tax rate is set AFTER they determine the budget; mix this with the re-evaluation of the home the City Council has no reign on their spending.

Instead I would propose that the mill rate be set at the beginning of the year, just like workers know what they will have for their income each year and live within the budget like we do.

I recall that even though the evaluation on my home was devalued I still, like others, had a property tax increase since the mill rate was adjusted up to make up what was lost in the devaluation of my home.

It is time the city stopped penalizing homeowners through property tax increases which are a small percentage of what renters and subsidized renters pay.

Robert Host

Sun Prairie

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I agree. Robert your ideas and points are true and logical, therefore you will be ignored by the Alders and School Board. As a home owner and taxpayer we have become ATM machines for the elected officials.

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