When our small businesses do well, our communities do too. This is why, as the federal voice for our nation’s small businesses, the U.S. Small Business Administration puts a special emphasis on Small Business Saturday.

It was created to help independent businesses capture a larger piece of the critical holiday season spend, and rally around a moment – a nationally recognized day – to celebrate the incredible contributions they make to our local communities and the American economy.

Many entrepreneurs count on holiday shoppers like you and if Small Business Saturday is any evidence, they will not be disappointed. Last year, U.S. consumers spent a record $17.8 billion at independent businesses on the day. There’s a deeper reason, though, for us to support small businesses. It’s job creation. It’s economic development. It’s innovation. It’s the key to continuing our country’s strong forward movement.

As President Trump stated in his November National Entrepreneurship Month proclamation, we look to honor “the men and women who have turned their passion into innovation, and we pledge to continue fostering economic freedom so the next generation of transformational entrepreneurs is able to unlock their full potential.”

It’s important to acknowledge those who create two of every three jobs, deliver essential goods and services across the nation 365 days a year, and enrich our communities on Small Business Saturday – Nov. 30 – and every other day of the year.

By shopping small, you’ll support places that families live over and develop legacies with, teens get their first jobs at, and that fund youth sports leagues. In fact, our nation’s 30+ million small businesses employ about half of the country’s workforce and 50% of the workforce here in Wisconsin.

If you’re a business owner, tap the SBA for helpful advice and to prepare for the holiday season at www.sba.gov/saturday. And, for all, consider these three simple Small Business Saturday actions to celebrate:

• Experience adventure and travel outside your comfort zone – and away from your computer screen – to a Main Street shopping district.

• Purchase at least one item from a local small business. Get to know the owner and make your gift more meaningful by sharing their story as part of the gift you give.

• Share your Small Business Saturday finds on social media using #ShopSmall so others can enjoy too.

Join me in supporting the transformation entrepreneurs contribute to the country and our economy. Shop small on Saturday Nov. 30, through the holidays and all year long.

Also, connect with our Wisconsin SBA offices and the many partners powered by the SBA throughout the state for guidance on how to start, grow or expand your small business and follow us on Twitter @SBAGreatLakes for frequent updates on SBA’s efforts.

Scott is U.S. Small Business Administration’s Great Lakes Regional Administrator, serving Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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