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In anticipation of the first Sun Prairie High School football game of the 2019 season, the Sun Prairie Area School District (SPASD) has issued reminders to parents.

Among the changes are that students in grades K–5 are required to enter and sit with an adult, and that students in grades 6–8 must enter with an adult.

The SPASD also issued the following list relating to student behavior at Big Eight Conference football games:

DO realize that attendance at high school games is a privilege not a right.

DO plan to stay at the game. Once you leave, you may not re-enter.

DO have a valid school ID in order to get into the game if you are 6th-12th grade.

DO be willing to present your ID when event staff asks to see it.

DO leave athletic equipment, backpacks, and other non-essential items somewhere else.

DO realize any gang related activity will not be tolerated.

DO walk to the concessions stands and restrooms. Loitering or running on the walkways is not acceptable.

DO refrain from throwing anything, anywhere, anytime during the game.

DO enjoy being with your friends at this community event.

DO support both teams with positive cheers.

DO act with Cardinal Pride and take responsibility for your actions.

In the event a student is choosing not to follow any of the rules listed above, the following will take place:

• The student’s ID will be held and given to the student’s parent or principal.

• The student will immediately be removed from the game and an attempt will be made to contact parents/guardians.

• The student’s building principal will be contacted the following day.

• The student may lose the privilege of attending future games.

"Thank you for discussing this with your students in advance of our first game," the email reads. "We look forward to a great season."

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