Week of 11-4-19

Monday Night

High Team Series: Watering Hole 1711.

High Team Game: Watering Hole 608.

Individuals: Laurie Frey 494, Brad Chadwick 482, Pam Davison 469, Cindy Stenberg 466.

Tuesday Maunesha

High Team Series: Stubby’s 2074.

High Team Game: Stubby’s 717.

Individuals: Van Stenberg 589 (203-204), Kolton Jurss 547 (202), Ken Oppermann 521, Jonathan Schoemann 501, Tom Bong 500.

Wednesday Morning

High Team Series: Diamonds 1845.

High Team Game: Diamonds 641.

Individuals: Mike Ploc 542 (202), Sue Hellenbrand 498, Ann Timm 491.

Wednesday Businessmen

High Team Series: Topel’s 2238.

High Team Game: Topel’s 823.

Individuals: David Edwards 625 (224-208), Beau Crawley 623 (223-207), Bob Cook 617 (232), Joe Jazdzewski 594(218-213), Chris Hensler 591 (210-210), Jeff Leistico 542, Zach Paffenfuss 541 (209), Ray Burbach 537, Doug Birkrem 534, Shaun Heady 512, Brandon Schmidt 510.

Thursday Twilite

High Team Series: MSP 1867.

High Team Game:MSP 672.

Individuals:Marlene Eggert 549, Connie Skalitzky 538 (203), Michelle Holzhueter 486, Jess Starks 486.

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