Late Model feature winner Dale Nottestad.

CAMBRIDGE — The defending and five time Jefferson Speedway Late Model champion returned to victory lane on Saturday night at Wisconsin’s Action Track. Dale Nottestad of Cambridge got to the front of the Triana’s Trophy Case feature and held off several challenges from fellow drivers to cross the stripe first at the end of 50 laps. The marks Nottestad’s first main event victory of the 2019 season as he looks to claim an unprecedented sixth track championship.


After a caution on the opening lap, Don Gaserude and Kyle Smith brought the field to green to begin the action. Jason Erickson dove under the front row starters as they raced into turn three, making it a three wide affair. Smith emerged with the lead while Erickson pulled up behind him. Erickson got under the early leader on lap three when Smith drifted high in turn two. Erickson drove into the lead alone on lap four, bringing Nottestad along for the ride. Nottestad went right to work on the new leader, getting a run under Erickson on lap six. After a two lap fight, Nottestad pulled his machine into the lead while Shaun Scheel charged up to third. Scheel drove to the low side of Erickson next, drawing even on lap nine. Two laps later, Scheel was alone in second and looking to hunt down Nottestad who had already opened up a healthy advantage. Scheel chipped away at Nottestad lead, until finally catching him on lap 22. After a brief encounter with a lapped car. Scheel drew back up to the rear bumper of the leader. On lap 29, Scheel got under Nottestad as they drove off into turn one. Just a Scheel got alongside the leader, the second caution of the race flew and slowed the action. Nottestad led the pack back to green with Scheel on his bumper and Kody Hubred up to third. Scheel once again began to apply pressure to Nottestad, using the low groove to do his work. On lap 34, Scheel got alongside once again. But slight contact between Hubred and Scheel on lap 35 forced Scheel to check up and give sole possession of the top spot back to Nottestad. Just as he had previously done, Scheel got right back to work on the leader, reeling him back in and looking under with 11 laps to go. A lap later, Hubred tried to join the battle, looking to go three wide. But Hubred and Scheel touched again, forcing both to check up and handing the lead back to Nottestad. Hubred managed to get by Scheel as well, but a lap later slowed to a stop in turn four with part failure to force the third yellow flag of the race. Once again, Nottestad led the field back to green, this time with Riley Stenjem in his rearview mirror and Scheel back to third. After another quick caution on lap 43 for debris, Stenjem took his turn at pressuring the leader. Stenjem got a couple good looks under Nottestad in the closing laps, but couldn’t make the pass. At the checkers, it was Nottestad for the win followed by Stenjem in second. Shaun Scheel finished third ahead of his brother, Stephen with Erickson rounding out the top five.


Chris Jones of Capron, IL, captured the 30 lap Sportsman feature event. Mike Lambert and Jake Biever led the field to green as they fought for control of the lead. Biever claimed the position on lap three as Jones tried to clear Lambert for second. Jones completed the pass on lap five and quickly began to look under the early leader. Jones drew even with Biever on lap six, moving past to claim the top spot a lap later. Meanwhile, Bobby Selsing Jr was slicing his way through the field, looking to get to the front. Selsing entered the top three, getting by Steven Sauer for third on lap 14. Selsing continued to move forward, getting alongside Biever for second on lap 16. Selsing completed the pass a lap later, setting his sights on Jones. The sole caution of the race waved on lap 18 for a stalled car on the back stretch. Jones led the field back to green with Selsing hot on his heels and Jason Thoma moving into third. Selsing began to apply heavy pressure to Jones, searching for an opening to get to the lead. Jones held off his advances every time, slamming that door shut each time they raced into turn one. Thoma joined the battle at the front in the closing laps, but Jones was busy hanging on to the top spot. As they crossed the stripe, it was Jones for the big win followed by Selsing in second and Thoma in third. Sauer and Tyler Deporter completed the top five.


Philip Wuesthoff of Beaver Dam picked up the win in the 25 lap Hobby Stock main event. Chuck Egli and his daughter, Jordy, made up the front row as the action kicked off. Wuesthoff wasted no time in his effort to get out front, making it a three wide battle on lap one. Wuesthoff and Jordy Egli emerged side by side, with Wuesthoff claiming the top spot for himself on lap three. Wuesthoff and Jordy Egli began to break away from the pack while Chester Williams was working to get by Kenny Storkson and Chuck Egli for third. Williams made the pass on lap 11, just before a caution waved and erased the large lead that Wuesthoff and Jordy Egli were enjoying. On the restart, Jordy Egli got loose, allowing Williams to drive up next to her. Williams cleared for second on lap 14. Meanwhile, Brandon Riedner was charging up towards the front, moving into the top five and getting to fourth on lap 16. Riedner motored by Jordy Egli for third with six laps remaining. A lap later, the yellow waved again, closing up the field for the final five circuits. As racing resumed, Riedner drove to the high side of Williams looking for second. Riedner continued to creep forward, getting by Williams and pulling up next to Wuesthoff. But one final caution slowed his efforts with just three laps to go. Wuesthoff led the field back to green with Riedner right behind him. Riedner tried everything short of wrecking the leader in an effort to get to the front. But Wuesthoff hung on to see the checkers first and score the win. Riedner settled for second followed by Williams, Jordy Egli and John Janssen.


Ashlynn Jarlsberg of Cambridge scored her first-career feature win after claiming the 12 lap Bandit feature event. Rianne Remsik grabbed the early lead on lap one with Justin Kumbier up to battle for second with Noah Pankow. Kumbier made the pass and continued forward toward Remsik. Remsik held off the advances of Kumbier lap after lap until lap seven, when Kumbier got under the leader entering turn one. Kumbier cleared for the lead as Bryan Gottschalk joined the battle. On lap nine, Gottschalk made contact with Kumbier, sending him around in turn four to force a caution. Kumbier and Gottschalk were forced to restart from the rear. Jarlsberg and Nick Newton led the pack back to green with Jarlsberg now moving out front alone. Jarlsberg maintained the top spot through a final caution in the closing laps to complete the win. Newton was second followed by Pankow, Josh Frank and Remsik.


West Bend’s Aaron Moyer completed the clean sweep on the evening by claiming quick time through qualifying as well as winning his heat racing and capturing the 25 lap Legends feature event. Mike Storkson led lap one with Jim Tate Jr charging up to second. Tate quickly got by Storkson to claim the lead on lap two while Dilon Schwanbeck moved into third with Moyer on his tail. After a caution on lap seven, Tate and Storkson made up the front row on the restart. Tate returned to the lead, bringing Moyer along for second. Moyer immediately drove alongside Tate, clearing for the point on lap eight. Ethan Ross made his way up to second on lap nine as he tried to close in on Moyer. A caution aided that effort on lap 11, setting up Moyer and Ross on the front row for the restart. But Moyer fired back into control as the green flew once again. Moyer remained out front for the rest of the feature with Ross sticking close by in second. At the finish, it was Moyer to complete the sweep with Ross, Alex Braseth, James Lynch and Schwanbeck completing the top five.


Wausau’s Jevin Guralski also completed the clean sweep in the Bandolero division by winning his 15 lap feature event. Kody King, Cohen Henze and Anna Price raced three wide on lap one for control of the lead with Price taking the advantage to complete the circuit. Mason Surgener moved up to battle King for second as they pulled up behind Price. King got by Surgener and continued forward alongside Price. King moved to the point on lap five with Surgener following him past Price for second. The caution waved on lap eight, setting up King and Surgerner side by side once again for the restart. King returned to the lead as racing resumed while Guralski charged up to second. Guralski motored by King on lap nine to secure the lead while Robbie Rucks went to work on King for second. Just after Rucks made the pass for second, the second yellow flag slowed the pace with just three laps remaining. Guralski and Rucks paced the field back to green as Guralski fired back into the top spot. Guralski hung on from there to see the checkers first and get the win. Rucks was second followed by Surgener, King and Logan Taylor.


This Saturday, July 6, is a full program of racing presented by Serenity Concepts. It is also Round One of the 2019 Sportsman Challenge presented by Serenity Concepts and Amsoil Fantastic Synthetics highlighted by a 40 lap Sportsman feature. Time trials begin at 5pm with racing at 7pm. Jefferson Speedway is located halfway between Jefferson and Cambridge on Hwy 18. Please visit jeffersonspeedway.com for more information.

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