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Tyson Purcell is among the comics who will be performing at Tragedy + Time = Comedy Saturday at The Mode in Waterloo. Tickets to the show can be purchased online at online at by searching for Tragedy + Time = Comedy or at the door for $10.

The Tragedy + Time = Comedy pairs storytelling with stand-up comedy to focus on using levity to cope with hardship. A local favorite indie comedy show based in Madison, the show is going on the road and making its first appearance outside Madison at The Mode Theater, 121 S. Monroe St. in Waterloo, on Saturday at 8 p.m. Tragedy + Time = Comedy exclusively features Wisconsin-based stand-up comics with performances by Tyson Purcell, Will Isenberg, Avery Rapier and Cynthia Marie. Admission is $10 and tickets can be purchased online at by searching for Tragedy + Time = Comedy or at the door.

The show has a unique format not found anywhere else. The first act has a serious overtone featuring true stories that affected the comics. After a short intermission, the comics return to the stage to tell the jokes were inspired by their story.

“It’s a novel brew of tragedy and comedy. The first act of the event is steeped in grief and pain. The second act is steeped in goofs and cheer,” said Erik Lorenzsonn of Cap Times.

“Comedy is therapy, and the show works to fully experience the plights that our performers have worked through and how they use levity to laugh at hardship,” said Purcell, “We’re bringing a unique experience unlike any other comedy or storytelling show to Waterloo, as the audience gets a peek at the story behind the joke—they find out that a 20-second joke in a comic’s act is actually rooted in a much larger ordeal.”

“The show thrives on Tyson’s format of mixing serious stories with comic relief,” said Adam Rostad, host of Madison Story Slam, “Over the years I’ve been hosting Story Slam I’ve heard lots of stories, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so gracefully and skillfully mix a very serious story with a very funny way of telling it.”

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