W&K Day quiz

Jerry Van Holten, left, and Charlie Fischer have a good deal in common as they prepare for Waterloo’s Wiener & Kraut Day observance — each has been part of the celebration since its inception. They size up a head or two of cabbage. It takes 1,400 pounds of cabbage to make the 1,000 pound amount needed for the day.

Last week, we printed seven questions related to Wiener & Kraut Day. See how many you answered correctly.

1. In the beginning, Wiener & Kraut Day was originally called: A. Wiener & Kraut Day.

2. Wiener & Kraut Day originally started in what month and year, and sandwiches were free: C. October 1959.

3. Wiener & Kraut Day began with an idea from: B. Chamber of Commerce citizens Dan Royle of The Waterloo Courier, Charlie Fischer, “Fritz” Minnameir of Kreis Packing Company, E.J. & J.G. Van Holten of Van Holten Sauer Kraut Company.

4. In 1968 Wiener & Kraut Day in Waterloo served how many Wiener & Kraut sandwiches? B. 12,000 wieners and 1,200 pounds of kraut.

5. In the early years of the Wiener & Kraut Day celebration where was the event held? B. Downtown, Veteran’s Park and the Community Building.

6. In what year was Van Holten’s Sauerkraut supply ended? A. 1987.

7. Dean Blau, of Dean’s Meat Market and Locker, Waterloo also supplied wieners for the 1980 Wiener & Kraut Day. They supplied how many wieners? A. 10,000.

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