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The top three entries of the Patriot’s Pen contest, hosted by the Waterloo and Marshall Krause-Langer VFW Post were recognized at Monday night’s meeting. The contest is open to students in sixth through eighth grade, who are required to write a 300-400 word essay on a selected theme. Pictured from left are post commander Sherri Smith, Serenity Yang — third place, Essa Ahmed — second place, Christopher Jiannacopoulos — first place, and contest co-chair Scott Relitz.

On August 2nd of 1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed allowing all slaves to be set free. Now that is only one of the many reasons America is so great. It is also a great country because of all the freedoms we have and all of our resources, and finally the fact that we have a democracy.

One of the main reasons why I think America is so great is because of all the freedom we have. Like how we can watch what we want to watch, read what we want to read, think what we want to think, and say what we want to say. Some more freedoms we have is women voting or even being part of whichever religion you want.

Another reason why our country is great is all the resources we have. Like how we have a doctor’s office we can go to if we get hurt or if we get sick. Or how we have clean water and food. We also have a great military that helps and protects us and does not cower in the face of danger but instead answers to the call of duty.

My last reason why our country is great is that we have a democracy if you don’t know what that means after this you will. Since we have a democracy that means instead of having a dictator or a king like other countries we have multiple people in charge of different things but we also have a President who is in charge of the whole country, the reason it is a democracy is the fact that we elect all of the people in charge.

In conclusion, America is a great country because we have many freedoms, plenty of resources and a Democracy. That’s why I’m so grateful to live in this amazing country and why you should be too.

Jiannacopoulos won first place in the Waterloo/Marshall VFW’s Patriot’s Pen essay contest.

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