Fort Atkinson and the surrounding Jefferson County area have a rich history, about which much has been written. If you are interested in reading and learning more about the Black Hawk War, the Indian Mounds that populate our vicinity, the tiny communities that were settled long ago and have since disappeared, then you are invited to join the Hoard Historical Museum’s new book club, The Hoard Historical Literary Society.

The book club will meet at the museum every other month on the second Wednesday, from 10 to 11:30 a.m. The first meeting will be held Wednesday, March 13, when the group will discuss The Bark River Chronicles by Milton J. Bates. Bates paddled the meandering Bark River and tells the fascinating story of the people who settled and inhabited the towns along its banks, ending up in Fort Atkinson. Circus owners even make an appearance

The book club is free to join, however, contact the Hoard Historical Museum to sign up. To register, call the Hoard Historical Museum at 920-563-7769, email, or stop by to sign up in person. Information on obtaining the books will be given members when they register. Books will be available to check out from the Dwight Foster Public Library or for purchase from the Hoard Museum gift shop.

The Hoard Historical Literary Society will be co-chaired by Bonnie Geyer and Karen Gomez.

The formation of the Hoard Historical Literary Society is in conjunction with the 80th anniversary of the Fort Atkinson Historical Society. Founded in 1939, the mission of the Fort Atkinson Historical Society is to preserve, protect, and promote the history and culture of Fort Atkinson and the surrounding area. In partnership with the City of Fort Atkinson, the Fort Atkinson Historical Society operates the Hoard Historical Museum.

To learn more about the Hoard Historical Museum, the Fort Atkinson Historical Society or to register for the Hoard Historical Literary Society, call the Hoard Historical Museum at 920-563-7769, email, or stop by in person at 401 Whitewater Ave. Fort Atkinson.

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