Wisconsin Farm Technology Days (WFTD) Jefferson County is seeking local farming artifacts for Innovation Square during the show on July 23-25, 2019 hosted by Walter Grain Farms.

As part of WFTD, the Jefferson County historical societies are partnering to create an exhibit telling the history of agriculture and farming in Jefferson County from ancient Native Americans to modern farmers. To help tell that story, the exhibit planning committee is looking for farm-related artifacts to be loaned for the duration of WFTD.

Ideally, these artifacts would be self-supporting (such as able to be placed on a platform with no additional supports needed), large enough to need more than one person to move the artifact, and farming-related.

“These items might include things like a grain reaper or an old piece of farm machinery with a seat that could be used for photo opportunities,” said Greg Sambs, chair of innovation square. “If the piece of equipment was made by a company located in Jefferson County all the better,” he added.

The artifacts will be stored under a tent but will be in the open-air. Transportation of artifacts to the site may be possible. For more information or questions, contact Sambs at 920-723-8622, agsambs@gmail.com or Merrilee Lee at 920-563-7769, mlee@hoardmuseum.org.

Wisconsin Farm Technology Days (WFTD) is a non-profit, educational organization that has sponsored an annual event showcasing agriculture and related industries since 1954. WFTD-Jefferson County takes place July 23-25 and will be hosted at the Walters Grain Farm located in Johnson Creek.

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