Holy Trinity Lutheran Church appoints pastor

The Rev. Nancy Raabe, left, was installed on Jan. 28 as pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Marshall by the Rev. Joy Mortenson-Wiebe of the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin.

The Rev. Nancy Raabe brings a plethora of experience and a strong musical background to her position as pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Mashall.

After serving for nearly two years as pastor of Atonement Lutheran Church in Beloit and then serving in the women and senior ministries at Lutheran Memorial Church in Madison, she is excited to serve the Marshall community.

“I treasure the small-town atmosphere and closeness of this community, and all the possibilities for acts of love and service that Holy Trinity provides,” Raabe said. “It is a warm, very friendly community where most everybody knows and loves everybody else.”

“Holy Trinity is a remarkable community of faith. You hear a lot about churches that are dying, but we are definitely on the rise.

We are blessed with an abundance of skills and talents in a wide variety of areas, terrific lay leadership, lot of kids and youth who are eager to serve, and the willingness to work together as the people of God, affirming our faith through acts of love and service,” she added.

Raabe brings a strong music background as she did graduate work in musicology in Boston.

She began her professional life as a full-time music critic and reporter for the Milwaukee Sentinel.

She later went on to receive two master’s degrees from the Trinity Lutheran Seminary. She was then a music director for many congregations.

She later went to Wartburg Theological Seminary to become an ordained pastor.

“As I begin my ministry here, I hope to integrate our congregation into the life of the wider community through our involvement in various activities, and by opening our beautiful building to all people,” she said.

Raabe began serving Holy Trinity Lutheran Church on Jan. 14.

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