The Waterloo City Council approved waiving all city impact fees during Thursday’s regular council meeting for a two-year period effective Aug. 1.

“This would mean all impact fees,” Alderman Tim Thomas said. “Our impact fees have been around since 2008 and we have impact fees that we currently collect for storm water, public works, parks and recreation and sanitary sewer.”

Thomas noted the purpose of waiving the impact fees is to try and promote growth in Waterloo and that they can only be used for new projects or development. The city has not seen a significant rate of development in several years.

The last impact fee survey conducted for the city took place in 2008 and it was estimated $926,000 would be collected in impact fees; only $122,000 was collected.

“A new study has to be done (and) from the finance and insurance personal committee, it was a unanimous recommendation that we waive all impact fees for a two year period. This will give us a chance to try and stimulate some growth and give us some incentive to go commercial and residential and give us a chance to make an impact fees (study) and see where we want to go from there,” Thomas said.

Additionally, the council approved Hustad Companies, Inc. for roof consulting services for the municipal building, fire department building and public works department building.

“A public request for proposal was put out a number of weeks back and we received eight submittals from eight qualified firms,” said clerk/treasurer Mo Hansen.

Hustad Companies, Inc. was selected as it is able to provide the services outlined in the scope of work project and can also provide that service at no cost.

“I have had two conversations following up with them after the submittal deadline just to reconfirm that and (it) was reaffirmed that they provide the services as described. They are confident that their work in phase one would have a positive impact in (a) potential phase two which conceivably could be repairing a roof,” Hansen said in regard to the Hustad Companies, Inc. submittal.

In other business, the council:

- Approved increasing the city of Waterloo part-time police officer wage from $14.54 an hour to $19 an hour.

“Part-time officers have been at that rate forever,” Thomas said. “You’re not going to hire a part-time certified officer with all the training for $14.54 an hour.”

Thomas, the city’s former police chief, also noted the wage increase will not affect the Waterloo Police Department budget, but will change the number of hours a part-time officer can work annually from 500 hours to 400 hours.

- Approved the issuance of the 2019-24 private well permits.

Residents who were seeking to renew their private well permits were eligible for a five-year permit renewal that was based on a water sample submittal demonstrating that the existing well has a history of producing safe water.

“There are a number of private wells which are served by Waterloo Utilities that are not within the city of Waterloo (and) are in the town of Portland,” Hansen said in regards to the private well permits.- Mayor Jeni Quimby reported she has been visiting city businesses and talking with business owners on what their needs are and what the city can do to help assist them with their concerns.

Quimby noted a common theme among business owners was the difficulty in recruiting employees due to the lack of housing in Waterloo. Business owner concerns will be discussed further during the Aug. 15 regular council meeting.

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