The Town of Portland’s 2020 tax levy will be a bit more than 2019’s levy. Four members of the town board, with Chairman Jeff Spoke absent, voted to approve the $263,589.67 levy – a 4.6 percent increase — during a meeting of the town’s electors. No other members of the community outside the board were present at the Nov. 26 public hearing and budget vote.

The 2020 budget indicated a total revenue of $437,739.78, which is about $14,800 more than the 2019 budgeted amount. Part of the increase can be attributed to the town anticipating approximately $113,109 in transportation aid. This is a roughly $10,287 increase from 2019.

Additionally, the 2020 expenses total $434,331.38. This is a decrease of approximately $12,196 compared to the original 2019 budget.

The town is expecting to see a decrease in a majority of its expenses, including public safety which is budgeted for $112,000 in 2020, a $10,000 decrease from 2019’s numbers. Clerk Nancy Thompson said this change represents what the town’s portion of funding the various emergency services providers and will not impact the type of public safety services it receives.

One expense budgeted to increase was for the town hall. Thompson said the $1,900 increase, for a total of $5,100, will help pay to remove trees. She said if the branches fall, they could damage the town hall building or a neighboring property.

Thompson said as the town’s mill rate will be $2.38 per $1,000 of value; this represents a 1-cent decrease from the previous mill rate. She said, overall, Portland’s property values increased by 2.92 percent since last year.

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