Refuse cart

No matter which of the three service providers the Town of Waterloo chooses to use for garbage and recycling pick up, residents will be using carts similar to the one pictured.

Three refuse removal companies are vying for a five-year contract with the Town of Waterloo. Representatives from Advanced Disposal, Badgerland Disposal and John’s Disposal Service each made their case at the Sept. 11 town board meeting. The chairman and supervisors decided to hold off on making a decision until the October meeting.

No matter which vendor the town decides to contract with, there will be a change to garbage and recycling pickup as the three companies all use carts and an automated system. Currently, John’s Disposal, which the Town of Waterloo has been contracting with since 2003, picks up refuse containers manually biweekly.

Town Chairman Scott Hassett said the board might get some more feedback from residents before the decision at the Oct. 9 meeting.

The three companies seeking a five-year contract offer some similar services, like 95-gallon carts for both refuse and recycling, monthly bulk pickup, not picking up any trash outside of the carts except during bulk pickup, and removing tires free of charge at four tires per month and no more than eight tires per year; any additional tires would cost $10 each to have removed.

Jason Johnson, representing Advanced Disposal, said the company’s proposal is to pick up garbage weekly and remove recycling biweekly. There would be no extra charge for the bulk pickup, but residents would need to call ahead to let the vendor know what type of items need to be picked up. There is an option for a small 65-gallon bin, but Johnson said Advanced recommends the larger carts. Additionally, any home that would like a second garbage or recycling cart would be charged double the monthly rate.

Johnson said the 2020 monthly charge would be $18.99 and increase incrementally to $20.65 in 2024. When a resident asked if the contract would change in the case Waste Management purchases Advanced, Johnson said the agreement between the town and refuse removal company would remain.

Badgerland Disposal representative Kris Roesken said the vendor could either continue with a biweekly garbage and recycling pickup or have a weekly trash collection with a biweekly recycling removal. Residents would have the option of 95-gallon or 65-gallon carts. Any residence seeking a second garbage or recycling cart would have to pay double the monthly cost. There would be no need to call ahead for bulk pickup removal unless it is beyond the list of approved bulk pickup items – Roesken said there would be a separate charge for those items or a bulk pickup outside the regularly scheduled one.

The cost for the biweekly garbage and recycling removal would be start at $12.86 in 2020 and increase to $15.04 in 2024. Roesken said weekly garbage and biweekly recycling pickup would be $14.97 in 2020 and rise to $17.51 in 2024. Badgerland also has a sliding scale fuel surcharge if diesel fuel costs more than $3.25 per gallon, he explained. However, if the fuel is less than $2.49 per gallon, there would be a rebate. Roesken said in the last several years there has not been a need for the surcharge.

Nate Austin of John’s Disposal said the company would continue biweekly garbage and recycling removal. Any residence that would like a second garbage or recycling cart could obtain one at no additional charge. People must call to let John’s know they will need the monthly bulk pick up. Additionally, the vendor could dispose of TVs twice a year.

Austin said the new rate beginning in 2020 would be $21.90 per month and during the five years may rise due to cost of living increases. Currently, John’s Disposal charges $16.95 per month. He also pointed out rates did not increase from 2013-2017.

“Our focus is not on gaining new work, we’re focused on retaining and doing a good job for the communities we have,” Austin said, noting he hoped the town would take into consideration the long relationship the town had with John’s Disposal and the fact that its employees had manually collection more than 10.2 million pounds of garbage and more than 4 million pounds of recyclables.

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