Residents will have the opportunity to help guide the future of the town of Medina as the municipality begins to update its comprehensive plan. The town board held a July 24 special meeting to start determining what type of information it would like to gather from residents. The input will be collected through a survey, which will be available at a later date.

“It’s important to have public input when creating a comprehensive plan,” said town board supervisor John Ward.

Medina’s comprehensive plan was created in 2008 and Pam Andros, a Dane County senior planner, said plans need to be updated every 10 years. She said plan should reflect the values and goals of the town’s residents.

“The results of the survey may reinforce what the town is already doing,” Andros said. “It could demonstrate some themes.”

Ward said the comprehensive plan could also help determine where more tax base can be grown in the town.

The town board and members of the public had the opportunity to look at examples of comprehensive plan surveys completed by other Dane County municipalities and decide if they would like similar questions posed to residents.

Among the questions likely to end up on the survey are what type of businesses residents would like to see in Medina, the importance of maintaining the town’s agricultural/rural character and how the residents would like to see residential growth develop.

Attendees also briefly discussed adding survey questions related to the lack of high-speed internet access and the development near the Interstate 94/Highway 73 corridor.

Andros estimated it could take a year to complete updating the town’s comprehensive plan.

While the board took no formal action at the meeting, it did determine who would serve on the comprehensive plan committee, which would include members of the town board and planning commission and a few residents who expressed interest.

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