The Medina Town Board discussed additional road repairs when it met June 12.

At a previous meeting, the board voted to patch 860 feet between Tower Line Road and Jacob Lane on Medina Road. Yet, there still needs to be repair work around the patching. On the shorter side, 1,760 feet, and the longer side of 2,665 feet, there still needs repairs, the town officials said.

Todd Patton from Scott Construction said at the meeting that it would cost $19,500 for the long side repairs and $12,900 to repair the short side. For the long section east of the patch, Patton said that the town can get by with a double chip seal and patching. For the shorter side, Patton said there needs to be wedging work and additional material for the road.

He also suggested a scratching seal, an old mix overlay and another chip seal on top of that. “It will look like a brand new road,” Patton said. He also said that the road can get by with wedging and chip sealing. “Scratching and sealing is the best,” he added. “It will give you guys a few more years.”

“Can we afford to do it all?” Town Chairman Todd Weinberger asked. “I don’t want to break the bank account.” But he said that the road work needs to be done.

Patton recommended the board do the longer section with a double chip seal. “You want to preserve it,” he explained. He said that, if necessary, the shorter section can wait. “You can’t do any more damage,” he said of the shorter section. “I would preserve the longer section before it gets any worse.”

Patton will bring in a new bid, but the town officials would be willing to do $19,000 pending a new bid. The work can potentially begin in July.

Town Supervisor John Hellenbrand, who also sits on the Marshall Area EMS committee, reported the department will use the Deer-Grove EMS services as its first backup and Deer-Grove EMS would do the same for the Marshall area.

“It will be done on a trial basis,” Hellenbrand said.

The town officials also said there were financing options for the new property they bought on 5536 Missouri Road. Town officials are in the process of determining financing options which will be voted on in the future.

Residents at a special meeting earlier this month, voted to allow the purchase of 30.2 acres which will be used for a town salt barn. The current salt barn on State Highway 19 has been showing signs of structural failure as cracks formed through the walls. Because of current storage shortage, Jim Hellenbrand, the town patrolman, cannot purchase salt all at one time.

The Missouri Road property has three silos, several barns and a dilapidated home.

The town officials also voted not to be a part of the Dane County Towns Association. The cost to join for a year is $1,646, which included educational conferences and meetings, costs for a few people to attend an asphalt paving conference and other meeting. The officials cited the cost to attend the training.

The town is also hiring an assistant patrolman employee. The board has not decided if it will be a part-time or a full-time position. The person needs to have a CDL license.

“We have plenty of work to do,” Town Supervisor Sue Zingshiem said.

The logistics will be decided at a future board meeting.

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