The Hubbleton Quad Runners Club is looking to expand road access for ATVs and UTVs into a portion of Dane County. Representatives from the group were at the Aug. 14 Medina Town Board meeting to express an interest in having the town create an ordinance to allow the motorized vehicles access on the roadways.

Club treasurer Randy Soldner said this access allows the riders to access designated trails. A few months ago, the Waterloo City Council approved allowing ATVs and UTVs on city roads and city-owned property.

According to Chairman Todd Weinberger, Wisconsin changed its statutes a couple years ago to allow local municipalities to enact ordinances to authorize the use of ATVs and UTVs on highway’s that are not part of the national interstate road system located within its territorial boundaries.

Soldner said the Hubbleton Quad Runners Club would like to expand its existing ATV and UTV road use to Medina and Marshall. Currently, 16 of the 24 Dodge County towns have approved local legislation to allow ATVs and UTVs access on roads as do the towns of Milford and Waterloo in Jefferson County.

Town patrolman Jim Hellenbrand, also a member of the Hubbleton Quad Runners Club, suggested Medina start by allowing one ATV and UTV accessible road.

Supervisor John Ward expressed concerns about safety of using the motorized vehicles on the highway, especially due to the town’s proximity to Madison.

“We have so many people coming from working in Madison or coming out this way to work, there seems to be a lot of traffic on our side roads,” he said. “I would hate to see an accident occur because of the higher volume of cars.”

Weinberger also mentioned safety concerns because of the traffic volume on Medina’s roads. Additionally, when looking at issues other communities have encountered with allowing ATVs and UTVs, there was the question of enforcing the local ordinance. Since the town does not contract for additional police outside of the assigned Dane County deputy, Weinberger was curious how other communities enforce the law.

Soldner said club members police the access routes themselves. He said the group, which has 186 members, does this to ensure the access does not get revoked because “one person is acting like an idiot.”

Hellenbrand pointed out all ATVs and UTVs have to be issued a license plate and registered with the Department of Natural Resources. He said this allows people not following the ordinance to be identified.

The town chair said it would be premature to take action during the meeting as the proposal had just been presented; he advised the board to take its time going through creating an ordinance to allow ATVs and UTVs on the town’s roads.

Salt shed property taking shape

Work to clean up the property at 5536 Missouri Road is underway as the town prepares to renovate the parcel to house its new salt shed. The board purchased the 30.2-acre parcel July 26 for the price of $285,000. The town will be converting an existing hay storage shed on the lot to be used as the new salt shed.

More than two years ago, the town realized it would be necessary to replace the salt shed located on Highway 19 when it was determined the building was structurally unsound.

During the meeting, the board approved a modification to the Lakeside Construction contract not to exceed $23,000. It also OK’d a contract with Buss Electric not to exceed $2,500 and Dunneisen Excavating contract not to exceed $2,000 to install a driveway

The board also:

• Directed clerk Tammy Jordan to draft a policy to allow the town to participate in a Department of Transportation grant reimbursement program. The program allows fire departments to recoup some costs for fire calls.

• Approved four rezoning requests and two driveway applications.

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