The creation of a comprehensive plan continued to be discussed by the Town of Medina officials at the Sept. 11 meeting. Devin Flannigan from Keller & Associates attended the meeting and outlined how he can help prepare for the comprehensive plan process by focusing on facility needs.

With community meetings and committees established with developing the town’s comprehensive plan, the town officials will need to refine options regarding the property at 5536 Missouri Road, said chairperson Todd Weinberger.

Flannigan said if the town receives grants for projects, that can be incorporated in the plan.

“If it is a recycling center, that can be incorporated into the grant,” he said.

Weinberger agreed but said he would not like the town officials to get too caught up with grants.

“If a grant is applicable and applies to our needs, then absolutely,” he said. “If we start filling out grants that we don’t need, we are doing ourselves a disservice. We should determine what we need in the comprehensive plan, and where we should put it in the plan.

“We can always say we don’t like it,” said Weinberger.

Flannigan said the building can go from simple to complex.

“For the future of the building, it can be ‘Do we want a town hall or a separate public works building?” said Flannigan.

If the town has two buildings, it can be twice the maintenance, the town officials agreed.

“Whatever we do with the acres, it should be compatible with what we are doing as a town,” said Supervisor Phillip Braithwaite.

Weinberger said there is not a rush on the process of the building and he is comfortable with the progress being made.

“Projects are more successful with taking baby steps,” said Flannigan.

Town Patrolman Jim Hellenbrand said the repairs and updates on the building on the 5536 Missouri Road property look good and should come in under budget.

“It looks really good,” said Weinberger adding there is not a need for a portable bathroom at the building if there is a just a recycling center there.

Under Weinberger’s direction, he said if anyone offers to buy something that is town property, it needs to go before the town board.

The town officials decided to apply for a Land Road Improvement Grant through Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation.

“It needs to tie into economic connectivity and how a town road connects to regional connectivity,” he said.

The town officials began discussion on the beginning of the budget process that will begin in October. Weinberger reported the allowable levy for 2020 is $566,934.

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