Medina residents may need to haul their waste to a new location in the future after the town board on Jan. 8 discussed moving the recycling site to the Missouri Road property purchased several months ago for the town’s new salt shed.

Town Chairman Todd Weinberger said the town board would like to potentially relocate the recycling site to 5536 Missouri Road, a 30.2-acre property that was previously a farm.

“We’re brainstorming for future facilities,” Weinberger said.

As a recycling site, the property would have dumpsters for trash and recycling, metal recycling, and large items.

It could also serve as brush drop-off site. Currently, the town does not have a brush drop-off site but the board could decide to create on in the future. The possibility of a brush and grass clipping collection was approached during the public comment portion of the meeting.

The dump site would need a fence to ensure people do not use it during non-operating hours, which are 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday and 4-6 p.m. on Wednesdays from March through November. Town Patrolman Jim Hellenbrand received quotes for different fencing configurations of approximately $11,300 and $13,300. The board suggested instead of surrounding the waste disposal area, a gate could be installed at the property entrance to keep vehicles from entering the Missouri Road property when the dump is closed.

Weinberger inquired if the town chooses to accept brush, which the town would then pay to have chipped, and grass clippings, would it remain open at all times or just when the recycling site is open. Supervisor Sue Zingsheim said this runs the risk of having people drop off other garbage and recyclables when the site is not staffed.

“There’s risks, but maybe start with a trial period and maybe start by just taking the grass,” the board chairman said.

Weinberger asked if any residents had asked about the brush and clippings collection service. Supervisor John Ward said there was a question on the comprehensive plan survey asking if residents would want brush and grass clipping drop offs.

The chairman also asked how the town would cover the costs for this service.

If the recycling and waste site is moved to a new location, the board would like to build or purchase a “tiny house” for Zingsheim, who oversees the dump site during operating house, to utilize while on-site.

There was some discussion on changing the fee schedule for the waste and recycling drop off, but no action was taken.

Additionally, the board may explore finding a way to prevent non-residents from using the dump site. This could be accomplished by asking people to show a photo ID when they bring trash or recyclables. Again, no action was taken on the item.

“The bottom line is, we need a plan,” Weinberger said.

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