An amendment to a city of Waterloo fences and walls ordinance was tabled by the Waterloo City Council during the Jan. 16 regular meeting.

The proposed amendment would include information regarding electrified fences stating, “No fence shall be constructed or maintained in a dangerous condition or which conducts electricity or is designed to electrically shock or which uses barbed wire except in agricultural districts or where a conditional use permit is granted in industrial or commercial districts. No one shall alter the ground elevation of any yard in order to circumvent the spirit or intent of the restrictions set forth”.

“The way it reads is very difficult to me. I think it needs to read a lot clearer because the citizens have interpretations,” Alderwoman Jeanette Petts said.

Additionally, Petts suggested the information regarding dangerous conditions and electrified fences be separated in the ordinance.

Waterloo resident Mark Herbst also expressed concerns with the proposed amended ordinance.

Herbst has seen other municipality ordinances that outline specific fences such a cyclone and barb-wired fences and believes Waterloo’s proposed amended ordinance does not define what dangerous and unsafe fencing means.

It was also brought to the council’s attention that the excessive use of the word or throughout the proposed amendment may cause difficulties in following and understanding the information outlined.

The proposed amendment will be sent back to the city of Waterloo Public Health and Safety Committee for further review.

In other business, it was communicated to the council that the Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC option and lease agreement for 333 Portland Road will not be exercised.

“The wireless project is basically a dead deal. The contract that the city entered into with (Cingular) had a one-year due diligence provision. They took that period of time and they’ve indicated that they’re not going to exercise the lease in full,” Clerk /Treasurer Mo Hansen said, adding that a $1,000 lease agreement fee has been paid and will not be returned.

The council also:

• Approved the preliminary 2019 treasurer and budget reports.

“Once a year we put that label there. We’re at year end so we are still processing invoices that are coming in that would be coded back to 2019,” Hansen said in regard to the treasurer and budget reports being referred to as preliminary.

Hansen also noted once 2019 is closed out, a final report will be processed.

• Approved a Waterloo Public Work Department tooth bucket purchase in an amount not to exceed $1,256.

• Tabled a resolution regarding 2019 financial carry over approvals until the city’s next finance committee meeting.

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