The Marshall School Board looked at its district scorecard when it met July 10.

District Administrator Daniel Grady said that the district’s goal is to always value improvement.

“Marshall Public Schools values continuous improvement through preparing our students for success, retaining and developing staff, engaging families in their child’s education and by using available resources to best support the district vision and goals for each student,” he said.

The district scorecard is divided into categories of student achievement, workplace engagement, service to Marshall community and finance to operations. For student achievement, goals met has been in the student engagement survey where student engagement increased from an average score of 3.77 to 3.87 and the progress of tracking student attendance has been refined. The district is in the process of working on developing a clear understanding of best teaching practices, establish district leadership teams focused on equity and co-planning to co-serve implementation at each grade level.

In workforce engagement, the district is working on increasing employee engagement from a mean survey score of 4.0 to 4.10 and to have 100 percent of paraprofessionals, schools nutrition services and custodial staff receive annual performance feedback and to create and use a walkthrough tool to provide employee feedback.

In this category, the district officials met the goals of defining the process for conducting and recording professional evaluations for all employee groups, conduct and report on themes from 30- and 90-day interviews with new employees and all employee groups and themes from exit interviews and to provide a report of staff retention.

For service to the Marshall community, the parent satisfaction survey goal improved from an average goal of 3.64 to 3.78 and to 3.91 in 2019. The district is working on increasing the number of family engagement opportunities centered on student learning such as group activities focused on how families can support student learning and aligning the district’s media and marketing communication districtwide.

For finance and operations, the district is working on improving the ratio of students who choose to enroll and not enroll in Marshall.

The E. Peck Animal Agriculture Learning Center, a new facility that will house chickens year-round and livestock for temporary stays for students to improve agricultural learning had its building design approved by the state engineer.

The next step is to receive the building permit approvals from the village. The village already granted an ordinance exception to keep livestock at the facility.

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