Fundraiser set for Eliminate Drunk Driving foundation

Eliminate Drunk Driving –Education Foundation, spearheaded by Waterloo resident Marla Hall, will hold a fund raising garage sale during the city’s Wiener and Kraut Day. Organizers attended Sun Prairie’s National Night Out on Aug. 2 to spread their mission and get feedback. From left are Hall, Sun Prairie Community Service Officer Dennis Johnson, and organizer Caralee Butzine.

The Eliminate Drunk Driving – Education Foundation is hosting a fundraising garage sale in connection with the Waterloo’s Wiener and Kraut Day, Friday, Sept. 8 and Saturday, Sept. 9.

The Eliminate Drunk Driving-Education Foundation is a non-profit organization spearheaded by Waterloo resident Marla Hall after her 26-year-old son Clenton Hall, his girlfriend, and two other people were killed when a repeat drunk driver struck their vehicle on Nov. 2, 2016. The accident occurred on Interstate I-94 near Deerfield.

Since Hall discovered there are so many repeat drunk driving offenders, she, along with her sister, Caralee Butzine, formed Eliminate Drunk Driving, Inc. On July 12, the name was changed to Eliminate Drunk Driving – Education Foundation. The foundation is advocating for stricter drunk driving laws.

“As we previously said, we are not against drinking, we are against drinking and driving,” Hall said.

On Aug. 2, the organizers attended Sun Prairie’s National Night Out Against crime and received feedback on their position. The organizers planned to be in Evansville for their National Night Out on Aug. 15 and be in DeForest on Sept. 6.

Hall is working on getting Assembly Bills 97, 98 and 99 passed. Assembly Bill 97 states that there should be a period of confinement for homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle and that a criminal penalty must be enforced. Assembly Bill 98 is a court ordered installation of an ignition interlock device and Assembly Bill 99 provides a criminal penalty for committing a fifth or sixth offense relating to operating a vehicle while intoxicated. The bill calls for at least an 18-month prison sentence.

When the bills are passed, Hall said the group will fight for stricter laws against repeat offenders.

Eliminated Drunk Driving – Education Foundation is seeking community donations for its garage sale fundraiser to be held at 443 Bradford Dr. Organizers ask that no appliances, old televisions or furniture be donated. Donations to the foundation are tax deductible.

“This money will be used for us to continue our journey to educate youth and others on the dangers of drinking/drugged driving,” Hall said.

To make a donation, email Hall at or call 920-626-2141.

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