The National Weather Service reports that light snow will continue today possibly mixing to rain and snow. Another round of light snow is expected to move in tonight through Friday with 1-2 inches of snow possible. The NWS is indicating that we could see another round of rain and snow mix Friday afternoon. They are predicting a final round of snow coming Friday night into Saturday with snow amounts upwards of 2-4 inches.

To assist the street department in their plowing and cleanup efforts, the Village of Marshall Public Works has declared a snow emergency that will go into effect at 2 a.m. on Friday, Jan. 24 and conclude at noon on Saturday, Jan. 25.

When a snow emergency has been declared, no street parking is allowed during the declaration or until it has been cancelled.

According to Village of Marshall Ordinance 10-1-27(c)(1), The Village Board hereby declares that a snow emergency exists in the Village of Marshall whenever a snowfall during any period of twenty-four (24) hours or less reaches a depth of three (3) inches or more. Such emergency is declared to be a serious public hazard impairing transportation and public health, safety and welfare for a period of forty- eight (48) hours or until such time as snow removal operations have been declared completed by the Director of Public Works or his designee.

During a snow emergency, parking on all Village streets is prohibited per Village of Marshall Ordinance 10-1-27(d)(1).

Residents who have no off-street parking available are encouraged to utilize municipal parking lots in Veteran’s Park on Farnham Street/Howard Street or the municipal parking lot on Main Street or make arrangements with neighbors, relatives or friends to avoid a potential $30 fine and having their vehicle towed at the owner’s expense.

Citizens are encouraged to monitor the Marshall Police Department Facebook or the Village of Marshall Facebook page and website for current snow alerts and notifications.

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