Happy birthday, Lila

Lila Wilke blows out the candles of her birthday pie Aug. 2 at Highland House in Waterloo. Wilke celebrated her 107th birthday with a small celebratory lunch at Highland House and later in the evening at a restaurant with her family. The centenarian enjoys playing Bingo and cards and watching the Milwaukee Brewers.

Lila Wilke was all smiles as the residents and staff at Waterloo’s Highland House sang Happy Birthday to her Aug. 2. The woman, originally from Reeseville, was ready to blow out her candles as she celebrated her 107th birthday.

Wilke’s daughter and son-in-law, Pat and Carl Hafenstein of Waterloo, were on hand during lunch at Highland House to help commemorate the milestone. Pat Hafenstein, Wilke’s only child, said it was very special to be able to celebrate her mother’s birthday.

Wilke, who has lived at Highland House for nearly six years, said the secret to her longevity was enjoying where she worked. She spent 32 years at Perry Printing and decided to retire at age 70.

The grandmother of three and great-grandmother of four likes to play Bingo and cards. Wilke also enjoys watching the Milwaukee Brewers play and her favorite player is no. 22, Christian Yelich.

In addition to an Aug. 2 lunch time birthday celebration, Wilke and her family planned to mark her 107th birthday with dinner at Pickle Tree restaurant in Deerfield (the centenarian recommends the deep-fried shrimp) and cake at Highland House.

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