Adam Ruechel

Adam Ruechel

For the second time in almost three years, the Village of Marshall is looking for a new village administrator.

Adam Ruechel, who has served in the role since May 2017, has accepted an offer to become a city manager with the Platteville. His last day will be Jan. 3, 2020.

The village board hopes to start advertising the job opening this month, though they are still working out the hiring timeline, Ruechel wrote in an email. Village President John Schuepbach said at a Nov. 12 meeting that the board might not use an interim administrator, though they are reviewing other options.

The village has hired Public Administration Associates to assist the recruitment of the village administrator. The consulting firm previously helped with hiring Ruechel as administrator following the retirement of Sue Peck in 2017.

“The decision to leave the Village of Marshall was extremely difficult as I want to stress we have an amazing staff, village board and residents,” Ruechel wrote. “During my time as the village administrator, my family has been welcomed into many village and school traditions/practices and a simple thank you is not enough.”

Before coming to Marshall, Ruechel was the assistant to the administrator for the Village of Hobart, which is near Green Bay. His decision to take the position in Platteville was career-motivated and he found it “impossible” to pass up the opportunity after reviewing the pros and cons.

“I want to thank every staff member, village committee/board member, business owner, resident, municipal and school district partner and anyone I may be missing for the hard work and dedication they put into making this community amazing,” he wrote. “My family forever will have a soft spot in our hearts for the Village of Marshall and wish nothing but the best for its future.”

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