Feb. 8

Operate after revocation; officer observed vehicle being operated on roadway and was aware vehicle was not currently registered. Subject stopped, arrested and issued citations.

Feb. 9

Traffic accident; report of two vehicle accident on East Madison Street. Officer took report.

911 hangup; officer was advised of a 911 hangup call where subject stated he was possibly assaulted. Upon officer locating location of caller, officer spoke with caller. Caller refused to say where assault occurred and did not wish to pursue charges. Case closed.

Feb. 10

Welfare check; report of possible suicidal subject at residence. Upon locating subject, subject was transported to be evaluated by human services.

Operate after suspension; officer had subject on a traffic stop. Upon checking driver’s status, officer learned subject’s driving status was suspended.

Feb. 11

Assist citizen; subject reports losing her purse between businesses in town. Officer assisted by contacting local businesses that have cameras in the area. Purse not located.

Feb. 12

Theft from building; subject reports money missing from residence. Investigation continuing.

Suspicious activity; officer received complaint of young juvenile making suspicious comments at school. Officer spoke with reporting party, school and young juvenile. Case closed.

Parking violation; subject was issued a parking citation and has made no attempt to pay for citation. Parking citation voided and state citation issued for violation.

Failure to display plates; subject was issued a warning to affix license plate to vehicle and show proof of insurance on the vehicle. Subject has made no attempt to clear warning. Subject arrested and issued citations.

Defective lights; subject was issued a warning to repair headlight on vehicle. Subject has made no attempt to clear warning. Subject arrested and issued citation.

Feb. 13

Other department warning; officer was aware of a subject wanted on a warrant out of Dane County. Officer made contact at subject’s residence. Subject arrested and transported to be released to Dane County deputy.

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