Students graduate from Marshall High School

Mya Mastin decorated her mortar board to express her feelings at the Marshall High School graduation program Saturday, June 8.

“We are, we are the mighty Cardinals,” the Marshall High School Class of 2019 shouted Saturday afternoon during their final appearance as a high school senior.

The class of 69 students received their diplomas before their teachers, family and friends in the high school gymnasium.

The shout-out was requested by student speaker Joshua Wehking from fellow student speaker Bailey Neuberger.

The students talked about their past 12 years in school, some attending the Marshall district for their entire education.

Van Schroeder compared his education to that of growing a plant. It started at the root and school “shaped us into who we are today. We have entered full bloom,” he said.

Schroeder recalled beginning his educational years in the Early Learning Center (ELC) and not knowing his fellow classmates. “But a lifelong bond was formed,” he said. “I wish I could go back to morning recess and play you in four-square one more time,” he told his classmates.

“Be proud of who you have become” Schroeder said. “Take pride in always being a Marshall Cardinal.”

Neuberger also talked about her start in the ELC, proceeding through the elementary school, middle school and finally high school. She said homecoming week was the best week of school.

“I stand here and challenge you to find the positive in the past,” she said. “Stay positive and find the good in life.”

Claire Huggett noted middle school came and ended in a flash while high school was when the real workload began. She urged her peers to pick their future path wisely and work diligently.

Graduation is a time to focus on the students, Principal Sharin Tebo said. “Your dedication and your drive to be here today. I can’t believe the year went this fast,” the first-year principal said.

“I am sad to see you leave Marshall High School. I am truly grateful to know all of you. I am excited to have served you.”

She talked about embrace and diversity. “You are diverse on how you weave in and out of different circles,” she told the students.

District Administrator Dan Grady reminded the students they are always welcome back to Marshall. He asked the students to remember their first grade teacher, their first grade pictures, wiggly teeth and how they learned to read. He told the students to live their life like they were six years old. “Don’t rush the future, time will go quickly enough,” he said.

“We watched you grow as the person you are today,” high school teacher Becky Denniston told the students. “You will continue to learn, grow and accept. I hope you learned as much from me and other teachers as we learned from you.”

Counselor Jeremy Walden also addressed the students. “All of you will face big changes,” he told the students as they head to college, start a job or enter basic training. “I encourage you to embrace the challenges.

“Face the challenges, take them on and overcome them,” Walden said.

The class motto was, “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing things because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths,” by Walt Disney. Tebo presented the graduates as school board members Paul Wehking and Heather Herschleb presented the diplomas.

Senior Sabrina Yanke received a surprise when her father appeared from behind the bleachers and gave her a hug on stage as she received her diploma.

Her father, who serves in the military, was home from Germany.

Following a tradition at Marshall High School, parents were asked to greet the students for the turning of the tassel.

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