Marshall School District will be the new host for Jefferson-Eastern Dane Interactive (JEDI) Virtual School, an online charter school made up of 15 local districts.

The Marshall School Board voted unanimously Jan. 15 to approve 2020-21 open enrollment spaces, which includes room for JEDI students across all grade levels. JEDI Virtual School is an online consortium of area districts that includes Marshall, Waterloo, Lake Mills and Sun Prairie.

With Lake Mills finishing its three-year term as host, Marshall will assume the role of chartering the district starting next school year and will accept all full-time JEDI students into open enrollment.

The Early Learning Center features 23 spots for each grade, while each grade in the elementary school has 25. The middle school and high school feature 35 open spaces per grade except for ninth grade, which has 25 spots.

The open seats for JEDI are separate from the “brick and mortar” numbers that define enrollment availability in each of the district’s four buildings.

The middle school featured the most open spaces per grade level, with 68 and 66 available for seventh grade and eighth grade, respectively. The high school was not far behind, with 62, 58, 60 and 61 open spaces for grades 9-12, respectively.

Space in the ELC and the elementary school was much more limited, with pre-K through sixth grades featuring between 12 and 26 open seats. Projected enrollment was between 61 and 82 students for all grades except for second grade, which the district anticipates will have around 51 students next year.

District Administrator Dan Grady said it is unlikely any building will reach maximum enrollment due to limited housing options in Marshall.

The board also:

• Approved Start College Now applications as well as a Gateway to College request, allowing high school students to take classes at technical colleges.

• Approved early graduation requests for two high school students.

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