If you look at my spam folder for my work email, you would assume I’ve decided to share some really great offers with myself. We’re talking $500 gift cards from Amazon and Kohl’s and plenty of free sandwiches and fries from fast food restaurants. The spambots have gotten a bit lazy and decided instead of setting up fake email accounts would much rather doubt my ability to notice the messages are being sent from my email address. Or rather, appearing as if the wmcourier account is the sender.

I have a feeling the spambots believe they are being clever, kind of like when junk phone calls appear to be coming from a local number. But, I’m certain if my number appeared as the incoming phone call, I would know it was from a junk caller. I’m sure the older junk callers probably have a slight nostalgia for the days when they would call our landlines before caller ID existed. We’d always answer the phone when it rang because there was no answering machine to take a message for us.

These messages coming from my email address do have an added “bonus” to their content. When you click unsubscribe, it redirects to an adult-oriented website. I unfortunately learned this the other week when I went to click unsubscribe to my free MacDonalds (yes, it was spelled this way) coupons.

The spam messages from my email make up about half of the spam filtered through my account. In the course of just a few days, my inbox is filled with a couple hundred junk messages ranging from the “hurry and claim your reward” to free tactical flashlights and lose weight quick with this simple trick. I’m curious as to how many people claim their rewards of free merchandise or gift cards worth outrageous amounts of money. And of that number, how many become the victims of fraud.

There was a time when I would try to mess with the spammers, like the time I responded to an email requesting me to send a member of the military who found millions of dollars while serving in the Middle East my bank information so he could deposit these funds in my account by saying “Hah, I’m a billionaire. Why would I need the money you found?” Of course there was no reply to my answer.

Another time, when someone offered me a free tactical flashlight, I said I just carried around an anglerfish in a small fishbowl that not only provided me with light, but could also be used as a weapon in case of emergency. And, I added, the fish was more environmentally friendly as it wasn’t manufactured.

Now, I simply look at the amount of emails in my junk folder, quietly move it to the trash and then delete the messages permanently. If there’s any consolation, at least these spam messages aren’t wasting paper to annoy us.

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