Like many people, when I work up Sunday morning I was shocked to see there had been a second mass shooting less than 24 hours after the one in El Paso, Texas. As many of us slept another person chose to use a weapon to kill people in Dayton, Ohio.

People were calling for action, questioning if any place was safe for people to congregate and wondering what about the United States is prompting these instances take place.

But what really shocked me a bit was how by the time Sunday evening arrived, some of the trending topics in the United States were more focused on a sporting event or the newly formed relationship between some K-pop musicians. Then I realized the sad truth – mass shootings have become a seemingly normal occurrence in the United States. When at one time we would stop discussing anything except the loss of lives by a gunman, many people on Sunday took time to process the events and then move on with their days.

It wasn’t always like this. I know this because like the majority of people in their mid-30s and older, I remember how going to school didn’t involve school shooting drills. The bulk of the population used to be able to go out in public places and not take note of the nearest exits in case of emergency; I am now the type of person who wants to know where the exits are at all times and checks to see if the door to the store restrooms can be locked to keep someone out just in case someone chooses to fire a weapon into a group of people. Going through security checkpoints has just become a normal part of attending an event or flying on an airplane when before it was a rare occurence.

I’m not sure what can be done to prevent these mass casualty events from happening – do we push for more gun legislation? Do we live in state where every public and private locations require security screenings?

There are people who can hopefully help find a way to prevent these mass casualty incidents because there is no reason for these events to be just part of living in the United States.

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