This is a very important time for the citizens of Waterloo. Aug. 14 is a date that should stand out in the minds of all in Waterloo and surrounding areas. There is a school referendum on our ballot for those elections.

The ballot includes a “Question 1” and “Question 2.” These are very important questions for the future youth of Waterloo.

As a community member, parent and president of the Waterloo Youth Sports Organization I see, firsthand, the challenges our youth face with our facility “as is.”

Our children deal with over crowding in our current facilities. This puts an incredible damper on their ability to learn. They have gym class with upward of 45 children in the gym at once. They wait in long lines to get food at lunch, “scarfing” down lunch in less than 10 minutes. They lack proper bathroom facilities to be able to use them during break times. WYSO sixth, seventh and eight graders are practicing after 8 p.m. because of lack of available gym time.

They are working in classrooms when temperatures soar due to lack of air conditioning. Youth and community members are crowded working out together in our small weight room.

The elementary school “gym” is actually used as a cafeteria for most of the day.

This environment is not the best, we, as citizens can provide for our children in our community.

I urge all who have interest in the youth of Waterloo for a vote “yes” to both questions in our referendum.

Our future is our youth. Please give them every chance to succeed.

Katy Powers


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