To the editor,

There has been a buzz in town since the three planters were placed in front of city hall. I would like to first off thank Chip and Loretta Pinz at Custom Plastics, one of our thriving businesses in the business park, for their even caring about the community to want to do this. I am so sorry that you have had to endure the thoughtless public babble in the letters to the editor part of the local paper. I in no way want to offend or hurt anyone’s feelings but I wish that there were a few others that felt that same way. I would like to think that I have defended this community for years – not without frustration at times– but last week’s letter was not only out of line but hurtful. Any communities that I have ever been to that seemed fun and interesting have had an array of different things...the adage something for everyone.

It hurts me when I hear things like “why would you live there” or letters like last week. To say the least my family has had an interesting year but I can’t think of anywhere I would rather be than right here in Waterloo. The wonderful support and prayers have been nothing short of overwhelming for us. People that I don’t know reaching out with “positive” words of encouragement have opened my eyes to what a great place this is we live in. If there were ever a time for the community to thrive again like it was years ago it would be through embracing change and thanking the efforts of those who are at least trying.

Chip and Loretta please do not think that the opinion of one person who failed to get informed before spewing that negativity is who we are – we are not. Come around this weekend and see how this community of great people really are. Again I am sorry for the short sightedness of a few.

Keri Sellnow


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